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How to get Pregnant if you have Polycystic Ovaries

How to Get Pregnant

If you have polycystic ovaries, you are most likely to have difficulty getting pregnant. This is because polycystic ovaries are a reflection that there are hormonal abnormalities in your body. Most women who have this disorder often undergo medical or fertility treatment to conceive.

However you should bear in mind that if you have polycystic ovaries, you can get pregnant. The chances of you conceiving successfully will depend on the severity of your condition and your hormonal balance.

However, if you have polycystic ovaries and if you want to get pregnant, you should take care of yourself very well and live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things you should bear in mind.

Eat right

You should maintain your weight at the ideal and you should avoid sweets and starchy foods, Doctors have found out that women with polycystic ovarian disease have an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes, hypertension and blood disorders during pregnancy. This also increases the risk for miscarriages, stillborns and either small or larger than age babies.

Avoid some medications

You must remember that some medications for polycystic ovaries cannot be taken when you are pregnant. So, if you are being treated for polycystic ovarian syndrome and if you want to get pregnant, seek the advice of your medical doctor. Some fertility drugs being used in polycystic ovarian syndrome increase the chance of multiple pregnancies.

What you can do is find natural alternatives to these medications, such as diet and exercise in order to achieve weight loss. Remember that obesity and polycystic ovarian syndrome go hand in hand. You must keep your weight within healthy range so that you can avoid any further problems while being pregnant and having polycystic ovarian syndrome.

You must also avoid too much stress because it elevates the blood glucose levels and may worsen your hormonal imbalance. Remember that your ability to conceive is highly dependent on your hormonal levels and balance.

Do not worry

You should not worry too much, because if you are living on a healthy lifestyle, you will certainly be fertile despite polycystic ovaries. Do not lose hope and be patient. Modern science has figured out some ways to combat infertility. You just have to have a dialogue with your doctor about your options. Once you are on a healthy diet and you are maintaining weight as planned, you should not worry too much because you will be able to gain fertility in time. Just make sure that you are constantly getting in touch with your doctor so that you can be assured of getting pregnant fast.