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How to get Pregnant if your husband had a Vasectomy

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Sometimes in life decisions can change. This happens when a male partner decides to have a vasectomy to prevent further pregnancies but changes his mind and wants to reverse it. Although vasectomy reversal is becoming a common procedure nowadays, the partners are often bothered as to when a woman may actually conceive after vasectomy reversal.

You should bear in mind that vasectomy reversal is not an easy one and may be painful than the vasectomy procedure itself. Studies have described that about 50% of fathers are able to bear a child after vasectomy reversal. Thus it is important to increase a woman's fertility to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

However, if you are one of these couples who want to have a baby fast after vasectomy reversal, here are some tips for you.

Consult a doctor

Before undergoing and after vasectomy reversal, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor should make sure that the woman has no fertility issues. If both of the partners have problems, the best thing is artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization.

Get some support

Considering that vasectomy reversal is a painful process, your man should wear a scrotum supporter. Wearing this may aid in the healing process and help with the pain and swelling to subside. This can be bought from a medical supplies store. It should be worn for 5-6 weeks after vasectomy reversal.

Wait patiently

Patience is a virtue. You should wait for healing to be adequate and complete before attempting to make babies again. It will take several weeks for the pain and swelling to subside and sexual activity is not allowed during this period.

Do not expect pregnancy to happen immediately. Some cases are successful only after 6 months after surgery.

Loosen up

By all means, avoid tight fitting briefs and apparel even after the 6 week period after surgery is over. Instead make your partner wear boxer shorts. This aids in cooling the scrotum and creates a higher yield of sperm to increase your chances of conceiving. Advise your partner not to go to saunas and hot baths as this may affect quantity and quality of sperm.

Choose to be healthy

You and your partner should avoid alcohol. Alcohol and caffeine has been found out to decrease sperm counts and to decrease a woman's fertility. A woman should refrain from drinking alcohol especially if she is within her period of ovulation.

Eat a healthy diet, exercise and avoid stress, because these three factors are crucial in achieving fertility. Maintain your ideal weight to prevent hormonal imbalances.