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How to Get Pregnant with a Baby Boy

How to Get Pregnant

All of us love babies. But there often comes a time when you have a certain preference. Some of you want either a baby girl or a baby boy. Of course there is no gender bias in this but you are all entitled to your personal preferences as far as your baby is concerned.

If you prefer to have a baby boy you might have the following questions in mind.

Are there factors which influence in deciding the sex my baby?
What are some tips which may help me in conceiving a baby boy?

Before we go into the details of trying to find answers to the above questions, let us first picture the whole thing this way. Remember that during intercourse, there are many sperms competing to enter the egg. The winning sperm determines the sex of your baby. There are now studies which have determined the timing of the release of male sperms and the factors in their creation and release.

Near the time of Ovulation

First, we have to consider that male sperms have a shorter life than female sperms, and they usually perish by the time of ovulation. If you want to have a baby boy, you should have sex near the time of your ovulation. You can determine your ovulation days by many methods such as basal body temperature and ovulation kits. A famous scientist named Dr. Landrum Shettles has investigated that sexual intercourse during 24 hours before ovulation and up to 12 hours after ovulation increases the chance of conceiving a baby boy.

Alkaline Environment

Another thing you have to consider is the fact that male sperms thrive well in an alkaline environment. Since the vaginal wall has a slightly acid pH, male sperms cannot thrive well there. It is said that the area around the cervix has an alkaline environment. Thus, during intercourse, the male should assume positions which encourage deeper penetration.

Position also Matters

It is said that rear entry gives rise to more baby boys than baby girls.


It is said that a woman's orgasm gives rise to the release of alkaline substances in her cervix. Thus a woman should reach orgasm during intercourse if she wants to conceive a baby boy.


It has been found that women who eat more than their recommended daily allowances have increased chances of conceiving a boy. Food preference also plays a factor. If you want to conceive a baby boy, you may want to change your diet. You may want to eat more red meat, beans, legumes and bread.

Man Factor

The "man" factor is also very important in determining the sex of the baby. Your man should not dress in tight fitting underwear so as to cool the area around the testes. If this area is exposed to too much heat, this leads to a lower sperm count. He should wear boxers. There is also a suggestion that drinking caffeinated beverages before sexual intercourse releases the male sperm. This has yet to be proven by more studies.

While the above theories and techniques are just ways on how you can tip the odds in your favor of having a boy, nature offers no way to guarantee you'll give birth to a baby boy.