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How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

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So many young couples question how to get pregnant with a boy, even though there really is no foolproof way outside of medical or surgical intervention. There are, however, some steps which can be taken to increase the odds of whether or now it will be a boy.

Step 1: Track Ovulation

Of course it is always best to determine when you are ovulating if you are trying to get pregnant, but when trying to increase your chances for having a boy, it is vital to know the exact day. Don't have sex for the five days preceding ovulation and on the day you ovulate, have intercourse at least twice in that twenty-four hour period. The reason for this is because male sperm die more quickly than female sperm and they swim faster as well. If you have sex prior to ovulation, the females will most likely reach the egg while the males will die before it drops.

Step 2: Deeper Penetration

For the same reason, deeper penetration also allows the males to reach the egg first to fertilize it. Not only do male sperm swim faster, but it is good to keep in mind that they also die faster as well. Putting them closer to their target gives them ample time to reach it alive, reach it first, and hopefully fertilize it before the female sperm can get there. Along with deeper penetration, it is wise to be mindful to try to lie quietly for as long as possible after sex. While this won't help in determining whether or not it will be a boy, it will help to ensure that you don't lose sperm through leakage.

Step 4: Maintain pH Balance

Another thing to be aware of is the pH balance in the vagina. Female sperm thrive in an acidic environment while male sperm need pH balance. It is suggested that you don't douche prior to intercourse as this upsets the alkalinity necessary for male sperm to live. Also, many people suggest that you refrain from eating dairy for several days prior to ovulation as it increases acidity throughout the body, the vagina in particular.

Step 5: In Vitro Fertilization - Preimplantation Genetic Selection

Without a doubt, the most dependable method of predetermining the sex of your baby is to utilize a form of In Vitro Fertilization known as Preimplantation Genetic Selection. Sperm and eggs are placed together outside the body in a Petri dish to be fertilized. When the fertilized egg gets to the zygote stage, cells are removed to be analyzed for their genetic composition. Male zygotes are then implanted into the uterus to be carried to term or frozen for future use if the embryo aborts. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of controversy over this method of impregnation based on the ethical beliefs of conflicting sides of the dispute.

Step 6: Coming Soon - Genetic Engineering

At this point in time there is still a great deal of research to be conducted before genetic engineering will be available to couples wishing to chose the physical characteristics of their child even before it is conceived. By manipulating the DNA it is possible to determine the sex of the child, the color of its hair and eyes as well as other characteristics the parents would like their child to have. Here again, there is a great deal of controversy over this concept which could both slow the speed and amount of research being conducted.

Step 7: Eastern Mysticism - Yoga and Ancient Chinese Tradition

Growing numbers of couples are seeking more mystical ways to discover how to get pregnant with a boy. Yoga promotes various exercises and intercourse positions while Ancient Chinese tradition goes by lunar calendars. For instance, if you wanted to have a baby boy, you would not have sexual relations on nights of a full moon. While this tradition was thought to be nothing more than a wive's tale for so many years, there may actually be some amount of scientific truth to the theory. If the gravitational pull from the moon promotes negative ions and an acidic environment, it would stand to reason that male sperm would not survive to fertilize the egg.

If you choose not to use medical or surgical procedures to determine the sex of your baby, the best advice would be to use a combination of the natural methods outlined above. While they are nowhere near as reliable as Preimplantation Genetic Selection, those methods do have their benefits. Natural methods don't carry the exorbitant cost that would be intrinsic in medical or surgical procedures and natural methods have less potential for unexpected issues. It is for the parents to decide which method works best for them.