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How to Get Pregnant with a Girl

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Many couples really want to determine the sex of their baby when they conceive and there are some pretty wild theories abounding as to methods of pre-determining the sex of the fetus. While there is some amount of substance to some of these methods, the only reliable way to predetermine the sex of the child would be under laboratory conditions. There are, however, some steps which can be taken to increase the odds of getting pregnant with a girl.

Step 1: Intercourse 4 to 5 Days Prior to Ovulation

One belief is that you should have sex four or five days just prior to expected ovulation. There does appear to be some amount of validity to this theory in that female sperm live longer and swim slower. While the male sperm may be able to reach the egg more quickly, if they reach the fallopian tubes before the egg has dropped, chances are they will die before fertilization can be accomplished. Female sperm live an average of 5 days while male sperm live roughly 3 days. The key to success would rest in the fact that sex after the third day prior to ovulation should definitely be avoided.

Step 2: Shallow Penetration

In keeping with the same principles, since female sperm live longer albeit swim slower, it makes sense to ejaculate with shallow penetration. This gives the female sperm a fighting chance of reaching the egg because there is a good possibility that the male sperm will die off prior to reaching their mark. This is another scientifically 'unproven' method that has some basis in fact.

Step 3: Promote Acidic Environment

This is another method that is grounded in scientific fact, but not really proven to be empirical. The fact of the matter is that female sperm prefer an acidic environment while male sperm will fail to thrive. Methods of ensuring acidity in the vagina would be to douche just prior to intercourse and to take supplements known to promote an acidic environment. Used in combination with the two above mentioned methods, this just might increase the odds of conceiving a girl child even more.

Step 4: Yoga and the Ancient Chinese Lunar Method

Some practitioners of Eastern philosophies are ardent supporters of various Yoga positions and techniques that are said to be favorable to the female 'aura.' On the same token, the Ancient Chinese Lunar Method claims that having sex under a full moon enables you to get pregnant with a girl child. There are contemporary advocates who espouse this method based on their theory that a full moon promotes negative ions (acidity).

Step 5: Preimplantation Genetic Selection - Most Reliable

Probably the most reliable way to pre-determine the sex of your baby would be through the process of In Vitro Fertilization. This is where the sperm and eggs are fertilized outside the body in a Petri dish. When the fertilized egg reaches the zygote (eight-cell) stage, it is possible to remove cells to be analyzed with a test known as the Preimplantation Genetic Selection (PGS) technique. Once it has been determined whether or not the zygote/embryo is a male or female, it is implanted into the uterus to be carried to term. Currently this test is used to determine the presence of genetic disorders and is the target of a substantial amount of controversy surrounding the ethics of it.

Step 6: The Future of Genetic Engineering

While genetic engineering is still a ways in the future, many scientists believe that it will one day be possible to not only predetermine the sex of the baby, but other physical characteristics as well. At the moment this has not been approved for use in humans, but there are growing bodies of evidence that indicate this is a process that will be utilized in the not too distant future. As in Sperm Sorting, Genetic Engineering is drawing a good deal of debate as to the ethics of creating a 'designer baby.' Genetic Engineering may not be possible at this point in time, but it bears watching for further developments.

Whether you are trying to find out how to get pregnant with a girl naturally or by alternative means, there are some methods that have proven to be reliable. Of course, the more science intervenes, the greater your chances will be to have a girl baby. If you have ethical issues, some of the above mentioned techniques really have proven to have some amount of success especially when used in combination. Whether that success was just 'chance' or the real result of utilizing these methods is still unclear. To date, authentic studies have not been conducted to authenticate or disprove those theories with any amount of reliability.