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How to get Pregnant with Low Estrogen

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A low estrogen can compromise your fertility. Low estrogen levels are usually observed in women who are going through menopause but can also occur suddenly if a woman has a hysterectomy that includes the removal of the ovaries.

If you are a woman who has had these surgical procedures and has experienced symptoms such as fatigue, hot flashes, cold chills, joint pain, headaches, depression, dry skin, back pain, brain fog, water gain, and weight gain, then probably you have low estrogen levels.

Women with low estrogen levels often have a difficult time getting pregnant because of the hormonal imbalance associated with it. Ovulation will be irregular, as evidenced by an irregular menstrual period. So how can you get pregnant if you have low estrogen?

Seek medical advice

If you are having symptoms of low estrogen, chances are you will have difficulty in getting pregnant. There are other causes of low estrogen such as if you are on chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If you are at present on these treatments, it is advisable for you not to get pregnant at this stage. Low estrogen levels may also be secondary to autoimmune diseases and they need to be corrected first before you can get pregnant successfully.

Avoid smoking

Could it be the smoke that is causing you to have low estrogen levels? It is said that women who smoke are at risk of having low estrogen as compared to women who do not smoke. It is also harmful for your baby if you smoke if you are already pregnant.

Eat some meat

There are actually some cases which say that pure vegetarians are more predisposed to lower estrogen levels. This is because their diet lacks animal fat, which is needed in the synthesis of our body hormones. Our sex hormones need fat as its ingredient, so that you have to take in a little fat to make yourself pregnant.

Don't overdo exercise

There are some studies among athletes which have found out that women athletes who exercise hard are predisposed to develop low estrogen levels.

Eat a lot

Being very thin also makes your menstrual cycle irregular so you should eat a balanced diet and avoid being overweight.

Have a healthy lifestyle

You have to have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle may be the best way to help symptoms of low estrogen levels. Exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, limiting caffeine, avoiding alcohol and smoking can all have a positive effect on a woman's overall health and can make you get pregnant easily.