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How to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally

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Many couples want to have twins but don't want of use artificial means to accomplish this. While it is possible to get artificially inseminated with more than one embryo at the same time, for reasons of their own, they want to know how to get pregnant with twins naturally. Of course there is no guarantee that any of these methods will be successful, yet they have been proven, over time, to increase the odds significantly. If you are looking to get pregnant with twins, your best chance to do so naturally would be to combine several steps to increase your odds.

Step 1: More Pregnancies

Statistics indicate that with each pregnancy a women goes through, the greater the odds for having twins. Each and every pregnancy significantly increases the likelihood of giving birth to multiples. This increase is thought to be the result of both increased age of the mother at time of pregnancy as well as hyperovulation in women who have given birth previously. There is a correlation between increased production of progesterone in women who have had babies with the ability to conceive twins.

Step 2: Be Aware of Family History

Genetics plays a huge roll in understanding how to get pregnant with twins naturally. If either partner has twins in their family history, the chances of getting pregnant with twins is much higher. Many couples who want to get pregnant with twins, and know that there are sets of twins in their family, go on to 'supplement' the possibility with other natural means like diet and lifestyle.

Step 3: Gain Weight

There appears to be a correlation to being overweight and getting pregnant with twins. This most likely has something to do with the production of progesterone and estrogen from cholesterol in the bloodstream. These hormones are integral to the menstruation cycle which determines ovulation. Being overweight somehow seems to trigger hyperovulation where more than one egg drops to be fertilized. There should be a word of warning here, however, because it is not actually necessary to be extremely overweight. In fact, carrying around too much weight might interfere with the ability to give birth safely to full term babies.

Step 4: Eat Extra Full Fat Dairy Products

As in the case of gaining weight to get pregnant with twins, it is proven that eating extra full fat dairy products will lead to an increased possibility for many of the same reasons. The fat content is cholesterol which is necessary in the production of progesterone. Increased levels of cholesterol stimulate hyperovulation, which means that potentially more eggs are available during ovulation to be fertilized.

Step 5: Foods that Stimulate Hyperovulation

As you have seen, any food containing copious amounts of cholesterol is known to be effective in promoting getting pregnant with twins naturally. However, there are, however, other foods that also stimulate hyperovulation. Two of the most popular and best understood foods are wild yams and Maca, which is native to Peru. Both are known to increase levels of progesterone in the system, which in turn stimulates hyperovulation. Soy isoflavones, tofu, whole grains, wheat germ and walnuts are also thought to be effective in stimulating increased levels of progesterone.

Step 6: Get Pregnant Later in Life

One of the most surprising statistics regarding how to get pregnant with twins naturally has to do with the age of the mother at time of conception. Studies have shown that women under the age of 25 are less likely to conceive twins, even if there is a family history of twins. By the time a woman reaches her mid to late thirties the odds are substantially higher, while a woman over the age of 45 has a 17% chance of conceiving twins. Then, getting pregnant after 50 increases the potential even more in that almost one out of nine mothers of that age give birth to multiples.

If you are asking how to get pregnant with twins naturally, it's obvious you are looking for a safe way to accomplish this. Most parents use pharmaceutical or medical methods only as a last resort because of both the cost and the danger involved. It is possible to get pregnant with twins naturally, and your odds increase as you employ more than one proven method at the same time. While age and genetics play a huge role, they are not the only solutions. Foods you eat and body weight you carry also have bearing on the potential for conceiving twins. Every time you give birth, your odds increase so if you aren't successful your first time round, try and try again.