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Late Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

The due date has come and gone and that baby still doesn't want to be born. A woman in this situation is tired of being pregnant and wants the wait to be over. She has been looking forward to the day she will be able to hold her baby in her arms. The nine months she has been waiting have seemed to take forever, her projected due date has passed and she is still pregnant.

What is going on?

Frustration is natural at this time. It is very possible that the predicted due date has been calculated wrong, because the last period she had is not known exactly. It is hard to pinpoint a date of delivery without this exact information. If this is a first time pregnancy, it also has been known to happen. Perhaps the mother has had a prior late pregnancy, or this occurrence is something that tends to run in her family.

When to Call the Doctor

Relax! This situation can't, and won't last forever. Call the doctor and see what he or she thinks. Many health care providers prefer to wait and see if labor begins naturally if the mother is only a few days past the due date. If the pregnancy has gone over 42 weeks the doctor may decide to induce labor. Two weeks past the projected due date is when the term late pregnancy is applied. During this time, the doctor will carefully monitor both the mother and the baby to ensure that the baby is not in any distress.

Waiting for Delivery

This time is going to be very stressful for the mother-to-be. Rest during this period is very important even though sleeping may be uncomfortable, if not impossible. Nap if possible during the day, or just sit back with your feet elevated. Listen to soothing music, practice deep breathing exercises and ask your spouse for a massage. Finish up final preparations for when the baby does arrive. Try going for a short walks as some people swear that this is one way to stimulate labor. It is important to try and keep the mind occupied with something other than the late pregnancy to avoid unnecessary stress.

Asking for Support

Don't be afraid to ask for support from a spouse, friends, or other family members, whether it is emotional or physical. Chances are they will be only too glad to help. No one is going to know how a woman feels as she waits out the time during her late pregnancy. She may not say anything out loud, but it may be driving her crazy on the inside. Many pregnant women prefer privacy as they wait, but having a sympathetic ear sometimes makes a world of difference, and talking about things other than the pregnancy can help the time pass.

Whether the delivery comes about naturally or it has been induced by the doctor, the end result is a beautiful new life that is welcomed with open arms. Once that baby makes his or her way into the world, the frustrations of a long overdue late pregnancy will be forgotten.