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Learn How Not to Get Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant

Women today are just not being satisfied with being a home maker. They want more in all spheres of life. Being married does not imply giving birth to kids any more. Whether married or single they want to enjoy every secrets of life and may thus opt for a late pregnancy or just no kids at all. Whatever be the choice it always favorable to use safety measures then having to go with the process of abortion later which is ethically and bodily not right for the mother.

There are many techniques that exist today to help solve questions on how not to get pregnant. While some methods are artificial others are completely natural. Oral contraceptives are by far the easiest methods to avoid pregnancy provided they are taken regularly without gaps. With so many birth control pills on the shelf it is easy to choose one that works best for you. If the pills cause some hormonal imbalance then other methods of contraception like a condom can be used. The condoms which are available separately for each gender are also a great way to avoid conceiving without having to go on medication.

Still others include getting an IUD in the female uterus which keeps a check on hormones. This tiny device can be fitted for many years at once implying not to be constantly worried about pregnancy.

Other option would be to go in for vasectomy, which is reversible method where the male partner agrees to go under a surgical procedure to keep control on child birth. If the couple does not want to have more kids then the women may also opt for the surgical procedure.

There also few injections available which when injected in the female body can help prevent pregnancy for a couple of years. Besides these some natural methods are available which are free from any medication and help in effective prevention of pregnancy. The most common of these is Withdrawal Method where the man withdraws before reaching ovulation. Though not cent percent safe this works well combined with oral contraceptives for women. Women may monitor their periods and ascertain the days when she is ovulating and the couple should avoid having intercourse on ovulation days. Other natural methods include recording basil temperature and keeping an eye on vaginal discharge. In this technique which has to be monitored for months the period when there is white discharge and an increase in regular body temperature is unsafe.

Though each of these methods can prove effective in controlling pregnancy it is always advisable to seek help from a specialist before opting for any method. It is always good to go in for something which works in rhythm with the body.