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Old Age Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

It is becoming more and more common these days to read or hear about a woman who is considered "older" to be experiencing what is known as old age pregnancy. Anyone over the age of 45 who decides to have a baby was once considered to be too old, but that is no longer the case.

Why Wait to Have a Baby

Many women choose to wait to start a family because they have a busy lifestyle, are pursuing a career, or have decided with their partner to wait until they both are firmly established and financially able to provide for a child. They may feel that they are able to give the child a better lifestyle than they would have been able to when they were younger and just starting out. Material needs will be easier to provide for, and a more mature couple heading into an old age pregnancy will be better equipped to handle lifestyle changes.

Risks and Complications

Of course, as a woman ages in years, her body does also. There are certain risk factors associated with an old age pregnancy that may not have been so if she were younger. Complications may arise as the pregnancy progresses, and prenatal care is essential. Certain problems such as down syndrome are more at risk of developing with an old age pregnancy. There are tests available that may detect this defect early on in the pregnancy. If an abnormality is found, it is up to the woman to decide if she wishes to allow the pregnancy to continue.

Other Common Problems

Pre-eclampsia is a complication that can occur in any pregnancy, but the risk is higher in a first time old age pregnancy. This is a serious condition that can cause high blood pressure. If a woman has diabetes already, she will be more susceptible to this complication. Older women are liable to develop gestational diabetes that is pregnancy related. The risk of miscarriage is also greater for an older woman who is pregnant for the first time in her life. The doctor will monitor her condition carefully at each visit so that anything that arises can be treated promptly.

Preparing for Pregnancy Later in Life

Education is the key. Know what the risks and complications of an old age pregnancy may be. Learn about testing that can be done to detect any problems early on in the pregnancy. If a woman has certain medical conditions or health related problems, she should always talk to the doctor to see if becoming pregnant is a viable option or if the risks might be too great. Eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise will improve the chances of having a complication-free pregnancy.

The Advantages of Waiting

Older couples find that they have an abundance of patience that has come from maturity. They are more able to cope with the childrearing process because of this, and less liable to get stressed out as younger couples may as they start out in life. The financial burden of raising a family is less worrisome also. With these factors in mind, old age pregnancy has many advantages after all.