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Organic & Wooden Toys for Baby

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Many families are truly concerned with ecological issues and try as often as possible to use organic and environmentally safe items. This includes clothing and toys for babies. Among the materials that parents try to avoid when purchasing for their children would be anything made from plastic and other synthetics. There is a wide range of organic & wooden toys for baby which helps to protect the environment while providing the baby with toys that will provide many hours of entertainment.

Maple Wood Teething Toys

As soon as the newborn is able to coordinate motor skills to grasp an object, teething toys are the first toys new baby will probably be introduced to. While they are meant to be functional in helping the baby cut teeth, they also keep babies busy exploring the colors and textures of the object they are holding. Natural maple wood teething toys serve this purpose nicely if they are made from wood that is not stained with harmful chemicals and are coated with beeswax instead of varnish or other synthetic sealants.

Wooden Mobiles

Mobiles made from bright colors capture the baby's attention, and often a child will be enthralled for extended periods of time. Not only do mobiles keep the infant focused, but they also serve to help develop motor skills. Babies reach up trying to refine their movements in order to grasp the object just beyond their reach. Wooden mobiles are among the most sought after organic & wooden toys by parents who are concerned with protecting the planet.

Organic Cotton Stuffed Rattles

Babies love the sound of rattles and will play with them for hours on end. Organic cotton stuffed rattles are now being sold by many toy makers seeking to go green. They are usually in the form of some type of hand-held doll or animal. The hard beads inside are some form of organic wooden bead as opposed to plastic or metal that is often used in less eco-friendly toys.

Organic Cotton Stuffed Cuddle Dolls

There are a number of environmentally safe dolls being manufactured that are crafted from one hundred percent natural fibers. Cotton is eco-friendly and is a fabric of choice in organic & wooden toys for baby. Soft cotton cuddle dolls can provide hours of comfort for babies, and parents can feel safe knowing their babies are not being exposed to harmful chemicals that have been the source of an infinite number of toy product recalls in recent years.

Organic Cotton Squeaky Toys

Another great soft cotton toy for babies is an organic cotton squeaky toy. As the baby learns to utilize fine motor skills which enable them to squeeze, the toy squeaks and startles them to laughter. Their shrieks of joy can be heard throughout the household. With every squeak and squeal, parents know that they have provided their child with pleasure while doing something good for the environment by buying only organic & wooden toys for baby.

This is just a small sample of what is available for babies when looking for toys that will be entertaining but environmentally safe. Organic and wooden toys for baby protect both the child and this world that they will grow up in