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Pediped Flex for Baby

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Parents who are familiar with Pediped Originals are asking if Pediped Flex for baby is available. Actually, Pediped Flex is available for children 1 to 5+ years of age, and while this line isn't available for infants, it certainly is for toddlers. The new sandal and ballet shoe lines incorporate the revolutionary, trademarked Memory Foam Technology that actually allows the shoe to mold to the child's feet. Some styles come with a patented DRYZ insole which can be removed for the shoes to be laundered in a standard washing machine.

Why Pediped Shoes are Ideal for Growing Feet

Actually, this is when so much attention must be given to the kinds of shoes a child wears. It is a misconception that children's feet are just smaller version of our own. As they are learning to walk and navigate their world, it is vital to protect their feet from damage that could affect the development of tiny bones and cartilage. Pediped Flex was created with just that purpose in mind. Starting with Pediped Originals for babies going all the way up to Pediped Flex for older children, parents can feel confident that their children will have the shoes they need to support healthy development.

Pediped Originals for Babies

Pediped Originals were created by Angela Edgeworth after the birth of her first daughter. Concerned with the development of Caroline's feet, Angela went about gathering research regarding the best shoes for that purpose. Based on her research, the motto and premise behind her company was formed. Pediped is 'the next best thing to bare feet.' It appears to be the consensus among orthopedists that when little feet are developing, going barefoot or wearing soft leather is best for their development. Pediped Originals are crafted with soft pliable natural leather and are cushioned for support. They are available in ages - newborn (XXS) to 18 - 24 months with more than 75 styles to choose from.

Pediped Flex for Baby

Pediped Flex is a line of rubber soled shoes for children ages 1 to 6. Advanced technology maximizes flexibility while providing the ability to absorb shock as children bounce their way through their formative years. This line is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and has even earned their official seal of approval. Pediped Flex for baby shoes are adjustable, which prolongs the length of time they can be worn. These shoes are perfect for children who can no longer fit into Pediped Originals. There are 45 styles to choose from, 26 of them for girls and 19 for boys. Some of the styles are larger versions of the Pediped Originals for babies.

Parents who are truly concerned with the development of their children's feet swear by Pediped Originals and Pediped Flex for baby and older children. Soft leather Originals are the 'next best thing to bare feet' and the new Flex line includes styles that are adjustable so shoes can be worn longer before being outgrown. Both Pediped Flex and Originals are trendy yet crafted for the safe development of little feet.