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Pediped Infant Shoes for Baby

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Many of us have grown up and developed problems with our feet very early in life. There is a reason for that, and many podiatrists have come forward saying that going barefoot is actually the best for children in terms of development of those tiny bones in their feet. Pediped infant shoes for baby are marketed under the name of Pediped Originals.

The Story of Pediped Originals

When Angela Edgeworth had her first child, she began thinking about how to find a shoe for her daughter that was both trendy and comfortable. Her research showed her that babies' feet develop best when allowed to walk barefoot, or as closely to barefoot as possible. There were limited options available so Angela developed her own line in order to provide her child the best possible shoes to promote strong, healthy feet.

Construction of Pediped Originals

Pediped shoes are soft and pliable and leave plenty of room for little feet to grow. Because babies shuffle along, the flexibility allows them to learn to walk with an even step, unlike stiff shoes that cause them to walk unnaturally stiff. Pediped infant shoes for baby are manufactured with slip resistant leather soles, double layer leather uppers and a soft foam insole. There is room for babies foot to move, and because of the hand stitched construction, there is also plenty of air for those tiny shoes to breathe.

Sizes and Styles of Pediped Infant Shoes for Baby

Because Pediped Originals are designed for babies from newborn to 24 months, which equates to sizes 0 to 6 by US standards and 16 to 22 EU. They are manufactured in such a way as to provide both protection and comfort as babies go from crawling to walking. There are more than 75 styles to choose from in this versatile shoe collection that can be worn indoors and out. There are trendy styles for both infant boys and girls, and styles that take baby up to 24 months. Once a child reaches 24 months, Pediped Flex picks up where Pediped Originals leave off, both in style and in size.

Pediped Flex for Toddlers and Up

The main difference between Pediped Originals and Pediped Flex, other than size is that once children have outgrown the toddler stage, they are ready for something a little more durable. Pediped Flex shoes are made in much the same way, except the outer soles are crafted from extremely pliable rubber. Many of the styles in the Original Collection are carried right through to Pediped Flex.

Parents looking for style, comfort and durability in shoes for their infant can find what they are looking for in Pediped Flex or Pediped infant shoes for baby. There will never be a need to go shopping from store to store just to find a pair of shoes that protect babies' feet while helping them to move about freely and naturally. With so many styles to choose from, there is certain to be a style that suits every occasion and every need.