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Pregnancy Back Pain

How to Get Pregnant

A lot of women experience various aches and pains during their pregnancy that are caused by the growing infant inside their womb. The body has to adjust to this new development in a relatively short amount of time. One of the most common pains that most women have to deal with is back pain. While some minor instances of back pain are common, if you happen to experience sharp pains or pain that does not ease up after a while, you should consult your doctor to make sure that there are no pregnancy related complications that could endanger you or your baby.

Causes of Back Pain

Most back pain starts in the later stages of pregnancy and is generally a result of the increased weight your body has to adjust to carrying around. This new weight changes how your body balances itself and causes you to use muscles in a way that you are typically not used to using. Carrying your baby will also cause you to change your posture, which can also result in instances of pain or soreness as your pregnancy progresses. All of these things work together to cause your lower back muscles and joints to become over-worked or strained, which results in feelings of pain, soreness, or stiffness of the lower back during the pregnancy period.

Avoiding Back Pain

There are a lot of ways a woman can work to try to prevent having back pain in the later stages of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, unless this is your second or third child, you will not know if you are more than likely going to experience back pain later on in the pregnancy so you will probably not be trying to take preventative measures in the early stages of your pregnancy. If you have had to deal with various back pains in the past it might be a good idea to try to use some of the techniques that are recommended to reduce your chances of having to deal with back pain later on.

Exercise Recommendations

You can consult a doctor or midwife to ask about exercises that they would recommend that could help to build up your lower back muscles so they are less likely to become strained later on in the pregnancy. There are a lot of stretching exercises that can be used throughout the pregnancy to help loosen up the muscles that often start to ache after a while. Try to avoid staying in a seated position for too long, if you have to sit down make sure that you have great posture, keeping your back straight can limit the aches and pains that result from sitting for too long.

Easing Back Pain

A lot of people get relief from back pain by applying heat to their lower backs. There are a lot of products like self-heating bandages and muscle relaxing creams that can give you temporary relief from pregnancy back pain. Soaking in a warm bath can also provide you with relief. Another great option is to get a massage; you can either enlist your significant other to help you out or go to a spa to get a professional rub down to help with back pain.