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Pregnancy Belly

How to Get Pregnant

The rapid growth of the belly during pregnancy is one of the many changes a woman has to learn to accept as she advances toward motherhood. First time mothers will not usually have the larger belly as soon as a woman who has already delivered a child. This depends on the woman, however, and certain factors may contribute to whether or not a belly will grow quickly.

A Few Reasons for the Larger Belly

Being overweight prior to getting pregnant may cause the belly to get larger quicker. Eating too many foods that are high in calories can also contribute to weight gain and a bigger belly. On the other hand, you may be carrying multiple babies or be a slender person, in which case, any excess weight is going to show all the more on a small frame. Remember that water retention can cause you to be bloated and appear larger than you really are, so don't be alarmed as this is completely natural.

Problems of a Larger Belly

Stretch marks are going to appear on the belly as it expands. These can be itchy and irritating, and some women really hate the way they make the belly look. Talk to the doctor about a cream that is safe to use on the stretch marks. Being short of breath is another possibility if the belly grows rapidly, as well as an aching back because the extra weight in front puts a strain on the back muscles. Learn to adjust the way you sit or stand to ease the back and make breathing less difficult.

That Beautiful Belly

For some unknown reason, people have the urge to touch the belly of a pregnant woman - Why? Whatever the reason, be prepared if you are the one with the belly. It's not unheard of for perfect strangers to give the belly a pat or two. Women react differently to this. Some don't seem to mind, while others feel as if their privacy and space is being invaded. Most people are doing this because they are truly in awe of a pregnant woman so consider it a compliment.

Growing and Growing

As the belly continues to grow, some women begin to feel fat and unattractive. They may require constant reassurance from the partner that they are beautiful and appealing. This is common among women who are pregnant for the first time. They may be extremely sensitive about the way they look and try to hide the belly until it is no longer possible to do so. A pregnant woman is beautiful and she should be assured of this fact and not be ashamed to carry her belly proudly.

Don't try to diet or lose weight while you are pregnant. It is important to eat properly and get the nutrients you and the baby need for proper growth. Although the belly growth may seem discouraging to some women, this is definitely not the time to try to lose weight. All that can come after you give birth to a healthy baby.