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Pregnancy Depression

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Women who are pregnant should be very happy, but very often that is not the case. In fact, pregnancy depression can make an expecting mother feel confused, fearful, sad, and even stressful. The number of women who struggle with depression during pregnancy is rather high. 10 to 20% of pregnant women suffer from depression; half of those women must deal with severe depression. This disorder will most likely affect 25% of all women at some point in their lives. Thus, it is not surprising that depression is an issue that pregnant women also face. Sadly, this disorder is not always diagnosed appropriately as it can be mistaken for hormones that are off balance. This can become dangerous for mother and child, but can be treated.

Is Pregnancy Depression Common?

Pregnancy Depression is very similar to clinical depression. It is another mood disorder that can be classified as a biological illness from chemicals in the brain that have been altered. Women with depression may experience sadness and difficulty concentrating. They may also find themselves sleeping too little or sleeping two much. Furthermore, feelings of guilt, thoughts of suicide, loss of interest and a noticeable difference in nutritional habits may also take place. These sinking feelings can result from problems in their relationships, depression in their family history, previous loss of children, major life events or history of abuse.

Pregnancy Depression Can Bring Harm to a Baby

Too often, the effects that depression can have on a baby are overlooked. The fact is that untreated depression can be very dangerous to mother and child because it can lead to poor nutrition or suicidal behavior causing premature birth or problems with development. A depressed mother may lack the strength that is needed to care for her. Treatment is always available for mothers who experience depression.

What is the treatment for depression during pregnancy?

The most important treatments for women suffering from pregnancy depression are simply to seek help. Feelings of worthlessness can be discussed with your doctor who can help find solutions to this problem. A doctor will want the healthiest choice for both mother and child and they will discuss this. Some of these options might include a support group, psychotherapy or medication. However, if the depression symptoms are serious, prescription medication can be suggested by a healthcare professional. There are such medications available to women who are pregnant. These medications are safe with very few side effects. Decide on what is most beneficial for your baby and helpful to you also.

It may be difficult to discuss feelings of worthlessness with a doctor if you do not know them very well. If this is the case, share your feelings with a friend or family member. Your top priority is to describe to someone the feelings that are taking place. It isn't necessary to face this on your own; your baby will benefit greatly once treatment occurs.