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Pregnancy Facts

How to Get Pregnant

Your body goes through some amazing changes when you are pregnant. It's actually quite incredible how the human body can adapt to what is happening inside as the baby develops. The simple fact that a baby can grow from something as small as the head of a pin to a fully formed infant in about 40 weeks is testimony to the body's ability to adapt and cope.

Making Room for Baby

As the baby grows, the organs of the body must shift and make room to accommodate. The ribcage will expand, the uterus, of course, will grow almost daily, and all the other organs of the body will move to make room. The heart and liver will actually grow and expand as the pregnancy increases. The body will accept the changes and adapt easily through each stage of the pregnancy. These pregnancy facts are interesting and give new insight into the incredible human body.

The Womb

It's an interesting fact to know that at the start of a pregnancy the uterus is actually about the size and circumference of a small pear. At the end of the 40 weeks it has expanded to the size of a watermelon and a rather large one at that! Not only does the uterus have the capability of holding a baby that may weigh anywhere from 6 pounds and up, but there is also about one pint of water in there. It's no small wonder that a pregnant woman feels an occasional twinge now and again.

Your Breasts get Larger

A pregnancy fact that every woman will notice is that her breasts tend to get larger as the pregnancy develops. Breastfeeding does not cause this enlargement, but rather the pregnancy itself. It is very important to wear a bra that lends proper support to the breast tissue. A noticeable difference usually occurs after the birth of the baby. The breasts will more than likely return to their normal size. Some women are actually dismayed when this happens.

Caring for Your Teeth

The teeth are vulnerable during pregnancy. It is important to maintain a healthy diet during this time to avoid having a problem known as gingivitis, or bleeding gums. This is a very common problem among pregnant women and regular dental visits should be scheduled to take care that this does not happen. This pregnancy fact is true for all women expecting a child since calcium and other nutrients are used to develop the baby.

Changes in Skin and Hair

Your hair is going to appear thicker and healthier than it ever has. This is due to the fact that hair loss will be reduced because the growth of the hair actually slows during pregnancy, and the hair actually is thicker while you are pregnant. It may return to the regular state after the baby is born, and any hair you lose then will be normal. The skin will be very dry as it stretches to accommodate the pregnancy. It helps to rub moisturizing lotion on the skin; this will also reduce the visibility of stretch marks after the birth.