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Pregnancy Nausea

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As most women will realize shortly into their pregnancy, nausea comes with the territory. Sometimes referred to as "morning sickness," nauseous feelings can be anything but, and for some women can last for entire days. More than likely you will have to deal with some kind of nausea during your pregnancy. There are a lot of natural remedies to help with minor cases of nausea; for more severe instances, individuals can ask their doctors for recommendations to help ease the queasy feelings that can seriously disrupt normal activities.

What is "Morning Sickness"?

There are different degrees of morning sickness that pregnant women can suffer from. Some women simply have to deal with a nauseous or queasy feeling while others have to suffer through vomiting as a result of the nausea they experience. As mentioned, for most women, these feelings are usually the most intense during the morning and ease up as the day progresses. Unfortunately for other pregnant women these symptoms can last for an entire day and can seriously impact their daily activities. In most cases, pregnancy related nausea clears up after about 14 or so weeks of being pregnant.

A Little Longer

It is worth noting that it can take a little longer for some individuals to stop having to deal with these symptoms and a rare few have to deal with nausea throughout the entire pregnancy. Pregnancy nausea is not clearly caused by one particular thing. Most professionals contribute morning sickness to the fact that the body has to deal with a lot of changes, such as increased hormone levels, in a very short amount of time.

Measures to Relieve Nausea Symptoms

There are easy and natural ways to try to combat morning sickness, or at least to make it less severe. A lot of experts recommend eating smaller meals during the day to keep a constant level of food on the stomach so that it does not have to constantly adjust to adding or losing food. It can also be a good idea to try and take it easy and get a slower start in the morning instead of hopping out of bed and getting started right away. This can help the body to slowly adjust from sleeping to waking up without being shocked into getting up right away.

Specific Nausea Triggers

A lot of pregnancy nausea is related to specific triggers. Some women become more sensitive to smells and tastes during their pregnancy; this can make them more susceptible to feeling queasy after smelling or tasting a specific thing. You should keep track of things that have made you nauseous and try to avoid them in the future to cut down on feeling sick. It can be a good idea to stick to only very bland foods during the beginning of a pregnancy if it seems like just about everything is triggering your nausea.