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Pregnancy Pains

How to Get Pregnant

It is normal for women who are pregnant to experience pain long before their due date, as during pregnancy a woman will notice increased weight and changes in balance. One of the major changes that happen during pregnancy is the change in the center of gravity of your body. As pregnancy progresses the abdomen size will grow as the baby grows. This will create noticeable pain in your legs, and stress on joints and muscles. Furthermore, it is normal to experience cramps within the foot, calves and shins; not to mention hemorrhoids and other aches as the body begins to change.

Pregnancy Pains in the Early Months

One of the first signs of pregnancy pains will be when the embryo begins to embed itself in the uterine lining resulting in a cramping feeling for several days. As the baby begins to rest higher in the uterus, it is also common to experience side pains, or tingling, in the third trimester. The reason why this takes place is that there is extra pressure on the intercostal nerve that is located in your rib area. Furthermore, there may be some stretching of ligaments in the uterus that may cause pelvic pain. Another common discomfort that you may experience is within your Sciatic nerve, as newly tense muscles can put pressure on the legs.

Discomfort in Your Abdomen

There is a lot of new activity in the abdominal area. Therefore, tummy aches and bloating can be expected. However, this is normal as it is related to changes that your body is experiencing while being pregnant. A very simple but effective remedy for bloating and stomach aches is peppermint. You could take advantage of this herbal remedy by simply by eating a lifesaver candy, or by adding peppermint oil into a glass of water for an increased peppermint solution. As discussed, stomach aches are quite common but you should never ignore severe abdominal pain. If you are experiencing severe pain in the abdominal area, consult a physician for advice.

Pregnancy Pains You May Feel in Your Back

Other pregnancy pains that can be expected are pain in the back and lower back area. In fact, it is very likely that 50% of all women that are pregnant will experience such pain. Although back pain is extremely common, it is possible to reduce pain through the right exercises and in some cases it can be prevented completely. For starters, it's important to take the proper footwear into consideration. With the added extra weight more support for your feet, legs, and ankles is needed. Choosing footwear with some sort of padding to provide you with extra cushion is an excellent starting point. Moreover, the chair that you sit in, how you sleep, and your posture should also be taken into consideration.

Exercise is an important element to relieving pregnancy pains including those in the back area. Add walking, swimming, or light dancing as a part of a daily exercise routine. However, never push yourself too hard as sometimes the best answer is just to take things easy.