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Pregnancy Questions

How to Get Pregnant

Carrying a child can be extremely exciting. In order for a mother to have the happiest pregnancy possible, there are pregnancy questions that she will need answers to. It is feasible to consult with experts, and read books to compile the best answers that can be found. Questions that you may have range from breastfeeding, to itching, to weight gain. Whatever your question might be, the answers are very important. There are number of ways to research the answers that are needed.

When Does Implantation of Pregnancy Take Place?

A fertilized egg will enter the uterus as an embryo and float through the fallopian tube towards the endometrial cavity at approximately 4 to 7 days after conception has taken place. Furthermore, the implantation of an embryo will take place during the morula stage. At this time there are many cells that make up this embryo. Six days after conception, the embryo will create changes in the lining of the endrometrium. Once that occurs, it will then begin to grow at a rapid rate while the development of other changes to establish the maternal-placental exchange also takes place.

Are Pregnancy Tests Really Accurate?

Pregnancy questions concerning the accuracy of tests are quite common. Urine pregnancy tests are fairly accurate and can produce results approximately 2 to 3 days before a woman can expect her next period. Moreover, these kits are extremely accessible and can be purchased in most drugstores and grocery stores. The entire test can be taken in 3 to 5 minutes. A Urine pregnancy test works by recognizing the anti-bodies of HCG. In some cases of placental abnormality, a urine pregnancy test may produce a false reading as it is possible for these tests to continue to read positive after a pregnancy has been terminated. It is also true that false negatives can occur if some medications are found in the urine.

Should I Expect Cramping during Pregnancy?

This is also very popular among pregnancy questions. It's normal to experience cramps in your lower abdomen as this can indicate normal changes that are currently taking place within the uterus from hormonal changes. When a woman is further along, cramping can also be used as proof that your uterus is growing as it should. Other side effects that you may also feel while pregnant include nausea, vomiting, increased urinary frequency, upheaval of the chest while breathing, swollen ankles and shortness of breath.

Why do Pregnant Women Experience Fatigue?

It is normal for women who are pregnant to feel tired in the beginning; fatigue is quite normal. There are many changes that are occurring in the body as a baby develops inside. Pregnancy questions concerning fatigue can be answered by understanding that pregnancy also brings slow blood pressure, low blood sugar, changes in hormones, and changes in metabolism. These are all symptoms that can easily result in fatigue. However, if you are experiencing fatigue that seems extreme, do not take this lightly. Consult a physician fro advice and treatment.