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Pregnancy Spotting

How to Get Pregnant

Spotting during a pregnancy can be extremely worrisome to a woman who has never been pregnant before. Most people associate mild spotting with the worst things they can think of when in reality there is often a perfectly normal reason for spotting to occur that does not represent a problem for the mother or the child. Try not to jump to conclusions about what is causing the spotting and definitely do not try to diagnose yourself with what you think is the problem.

Precautionary Examination

To make sure that nothing is wrong, you should definitely contact the doctor who is handling your pregnancy so that he or she can examine you to find the cause of the spotting. You should try to remain calm while you are waiting to be examined to hear the diagnoses for the reason your are spotting or bleeding. Getting overly worried about the reason for your spotting or bleeding will not do any good and often times it can raise your blood pressure and cause problems for your baby.

Spotting vs. Bleeding

To accurately describe to your doctor or midwife what is going on, you will need to be able to tell the difference between spotting and bleeding. The two are markedly different symptoms and can give a health professional a better clue as to the severity of the situation. Bleeding is anything that is constant or continuous that does not clear up on its own after a few minutes. Spotting, on the other hand, is similar to what you would experience at the end of your period. Often times spotting can go relatively unnoticed until closer examination of your underwear.

Difference Causes of Spotting

As mentioned earlier, the different causes for spotting vary in how serious they are and what they mean in terms of the health of the mother and the baby. Some of the more serious causes of spotting include the early signs of miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. Do not automatically assume that just because you are spotting you have miscarried your pregnancy. If you also experience pain or cramping with your spotting then this may be the case but there are so many other reasons for spotting that it is not worth getting yourself upset over the possibility of a miscarriage.

Infections or Premature Labor

Another more serious cause of spotting can result from infections or signs of premature labor. You should take these possibilities seriously, which is why it is very important to contact your doctor at the first signs of spotting or bleeding. Again, make sure that you are not jumping to conclusions but definitely promptly contact your doctor about what is going on. There are plenty of less serious reasons for pregnancy spotting. Sex is often the culprit since there is an increase in blood flow to that area when you are pregnant; it is not unusual and can be quite natural for women to experience some spotting or bleeding after sexual intercourse.