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Pregnancy Week by Week

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Many women want to know what to expect during their pregnancy week by week. Your doctor will help you keep track of what you should expect, and not expect, at specific points during your pregnancy. Below you will find milestones of your pregnancy week by week. They are dated by both weeks of pregnancy and by weeks of age.

Third - Sixth Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 1 - 4

Fertilization happens, forming a zygote, and implants onto the mother's uterus, and if there are going to be multiples, separation happens. The first period is missed, arm buds and ears begin to form, and the heart begins to beat.

Seventh - Tenth Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 5 - 8

The eyes, mouth, nose, lungs, hands, feet and legs start to develop, the brain divides, the embryo reaches 1.2" in length, and spontaneous limb movements can be seen via ultrasound.

11 - 14 Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 9 - 12

The face is well formed, tooth buds and genitals appear, red blood cells are produced in the liver, the head is 1/2 of the fetus' size, the fetus can make a fist, and the fetus is 3.2" in length.

15 - 18 Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 13 - 16

Fetal skin is almost transparent, muscle tissue and bones develop and harden, sucking motions are made, the liver and pancreas produce fluid secretions, and the fetus reaches 6" in length.

19 - 22 Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 17 - 20

Eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails appear, movement is felt by the mother, lungs are forming, and the fetus is 11.2" in length and weighs 1 lb 10 oz.

23 - 33 Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 21 - 31

Eyelids open and close, nervous system develops, rhythmic breathing movements occur but the lungs are not fully mature, bones are fully developed but still soft, body fat rapidly increases, and the fetus is 15 - 17" in length, 4 1/2 oz.

34 - 36 Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 32 - 34

Lanugo begins to disappear, body fat increases, fingernails and toenails reach the ends of the fingertips and ends of the toes, and the fetus reaches 16 - 19" in length and 5 lbs 12 oz to 6 lbs 12 oz, and a baby born at this point has a high chance of survival although they may require medical intervention.

37 - 40 Weeks of Pregnancy; Weeks 35 - 38

The fetus is deemed to be full-term at the 37th week of pregnancy, the lanugo is gone except on the upper arms and shoulders, nails have continued to grow, hair on the head is now more coarse and thick, and the baby is now 19-21" in length and weights 6 lb 13 oz or more.

Knowing what to expect during your pregnancy week by week can help you to realize when things are happening either too quickly, too slowly, or are not happening at all. If you realize that something is "off" during your pregnancy week by week, be sure to alert your health care provider.