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Pregnancy Weight Gain

How to Get Pregnant

Gaining weight is vital to a healthy pregnancy. While this may not be the most desirable necessity for women concerned about their figures, it is nonetheless very important. Not gaining enough weight, or gaining too much, can create pregnancy complications that would be best for the health of the mother and the baby if they could be avoided.

Consult Your Doctor

The best way to find out approximately how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy is to consult the doctor or midwife that is monitoring your pregnancy. These people can give you their professional estimation as to what amount of weight you should be putting on for your body type. These calculations take into account your BMI to figure out what amount of weight you should be gaining as your progress into your pregnancy. Checking in with your doctor or midwife as you get into the later stages of your pregnancy will guarantee that you are on track to gain or maintain the correct amount of weight for your body type.

The 'Right' Amount of Weight

Everyone's body and pregnancy is different. This means that there is not a set correct amount of pregnancy weight gain that should be reached. As mentioned above, the professional monitoring your pregnancy will be able to calculate approximately how much you should be gaining during your pregnancy from your pre-pregnancy measurements. Generally, most women should expect to gain between 20 to 30 pounds during their pregnancy. Underweight women will be encouraged to gain more weight to help support the baby while women who are overweight will not need to put on as much weight to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Body Type & Pregnancy

Just like each woman's body type is different, her pregnancy will also be different. For instance, a woman who is carrying twins or a larger set of multiples will need to gain significantly more weight than if she had a single child growing inside her. Also, women with pregnancies that have been diagnosed with complications will need to adjust their weight gain as necessary to meet with the demands of their body and those of the baby. Don't be afraid to ask your pregnancy advisor or physician any questions that are of concern in this matter.

Gaining Weight the Healthy Way

Some women take the saying 'eating for two' as permission to ignore the guidelines of healthy eating and pig out during their pregnancy. While it is ok to indulge yourself with the foods you may be craving sometimes, it is incredibly important that you pay attention to proper nutrition during your pregnancy. You can work with your doctor, midwife, or certified nutritionist to develop a healthy eating plan that will meet your and your baby's needs as you both progress through the pregnancy.

Generally, as you get further along in your pregnancy, your body will naturally start storing more fats to prepare itself for the delivery. Listen to your body and eat when it tells you it is hungry; just make sure that you are not stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods all day long. For more information on healthy pregnancy foods, have a look around this site.