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Pregnant After 40

How to Get Pregnant

Many women are considering getting pregnant after 40. They feel that they will be more financially stable, and perhaps have established a permanent home by that point in their lives. There are, however, some questions many women have regarding the wisdom of having a baby after that age.

Advanced Maternal Pregnancies

It is becoming more common to see advanced maternal age pregnancies. This is a very important decision, and time should be taken to research and learn what the pros and cons are of getting pregnant after 40. A stable life at home later in life is definitely a pro, but women at that age can have problems getting pregnant. At that stage in life, many women are already on the brink of menopause. This reduces the number of eggs that are dropped, and also severely limits their viability. As a result, getting pregnant after 40 is more difficult, and women may not be able to conceive naturally, if at all.

Search for Medical Advice

There are hormonal and also physiological aspects which can affect the chances of getting pregnant. If a woman is considering having children in her later years, then it is extremely important for her to talk with her doctor on how she can take care of her body and maintain good health to increase her chances of getting pregnant in the future. There are a great number of natural vitamins and supplements that are known to boost the amount of female hormones being excreted.

Risks Involved When Getting Pregnant After 40

When getting pregnant after the age of 40, the risks include increased potential of miscarriages, genetic abnormality and other birth defects of the baby. The mother can also have many complications during the pregnancy, and during delivery. Some health issues in a pregnancy after 40 include preterm labor, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Common Genetic Risk Factors - Down Syndrome

One of the most common genetic abnormalities is Down syndrome. It is a fact that 1 in 42 babies are born with this chromosomal problem when women get pregnant after 40. There are tests which can be carried out to determine if the baby will be born with Down syndrome. Women should also be aware that there is a small risk of losing the baby which is associated with taking this test.

Tips to Help Get Pregnant After 40

First the woman should identify her ovulation period. Older women usually do not ovulate every month and there may be only one or two days over several months when they can actually conceive. The woman and her partner should stop having sex two days before ovulation and then have frequent intercourse during the peak ovulation days.

Natural Ways to Improve the Chances of Getting Pregnant

Trying herbal remedies and Vitamin E can improve fertility in older women. Eating red meat and cutting down on eating processed foods and sugar makes the eggs healthier. Women over 40 seem to lose some of their physical fitness level at this age, but exercising regularly and being as physically fit as possible helps.

Becoming knowledgeable and getting proper guidance can help to ensure both the safety of the mother and the baby. Getting pregnant over 40 is becoming more commonplace so there is a wealth of information available on the subject. There are articles on this website that should help with other useful info on getting pregnant over 40 as well.