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Pregnant After C Section

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A Cesarean section, or C section, is the delivery of a baby through the lower belly area by means of a surgical opening. This is often done when complications make normal delivery problematic, due to the risks on the mother and the baby. After a cesarean delivery, the mother and child are required to have a longer stay in the hospital so that they can be properly monitored. In fact, mothers who underwent this type of delivery are allowed to take a longer time off work so that they can completely recover. With this in mind, it is still quite common for women to get pregnant after C section. Should this happen, it is wise to understand what to expect, and if it presents any dangers to the mother or child.

Getting Pregnant after C Section

Even though a woman has had a C section, it does not necessarily mean that there are any severe risks associated with getting pregnant again. In most cases the woman will return to normal after a given time so that she can get pregnant normally, if she plans to. Doctors recommend that women avoid getting pregnant immediately following a C Section so that the surgical scars, and tissue underneath, have adequate time to heal prior to putting undue stress on the area too quickly. Also, it should be understood that a C Section is major surgery. Childbirth and surgery do take a toll on the mother, so time should be allotted for a recovery period.

Risks of Getting Pregnant After C Section

Doctors recommend that women should get pregnant only after 18 to 24 months from when they had a Cesarean delivery. One of the risks involved is the loss of blood during surgery, which is generally twice that of normal childbirth. Loss of blood can lead to iron-deficiency anemia, a condition that is risky for both the woman and the fetus. Another risk would be uterine rupture, which is often the case for close gaps in between pregnancies, but even more so in terms of getting pregnant after C Section. Finally, there is also the greater risk of developing placenta previa, a condition wherein the placenta separates from the walls of the uterus.

What to Do When You Get Pregnant After C Section

The first thing that should be done is to make an appointment with the obstetrician. While it is ideal to get medical clearance from the doctor prior to conceiving, should an unplanned pregnancy occur, the obstetrician can advise the best way to guard both the mother's and the child's health if the pregnancy occurred too close to the last birth. The OB will closely monitor mother and the baby throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor will also help the mother determine if this new birth will require a cesarean operation, since most women who have had a history of C section will have higher a probability of delivering through a cesarean section with each successive pregnancy.

While it is biologically possible to get pregnant after C section, doing so immediately following is not advisable for both the sake of the mother, and of her unborn child. If, for any reason this should occur, the best person to consult for advice would be the attending obstetrician and/or surgeon who performed the cesarean section operation. They are the only ones qualified to make an adequate medical assessment in cases like this.