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Pregnant After D & C

How to Get Pregnant

Many women worry about how they will get pregnant again after they've just had a miscarriage. Whether the miscarriage was natural, or through an abortion, the physical recovery happens pretty fast. During the first two weeks, there can be a dark brown vaginal discharge, and even bleeding. This is why in this time sexual intercourse is completely prohibited, but after this, a woman could get pregnant again. However, if the vaginal bleeding doesn't stop after these two weeks, a checkup is advised.

Pregnancy after D&C;

Miscarriage, followed by a D&C;, does not stop a woman from getting pregnant again. Usually, her next period comes after about six weeks, but this can vary from person to person. It's best to ask for the doctor's advice if a new pregnancy is intended. Most specialists recommend waiting six months before trying to get pregnant after D&C.; However, women should not worry about their previous miscarriage or think that they'll have issues with a new pregnancy.

Conceiving after Miscarriage

Studies have shown that the chances for a successful pregnancy increase after two or three miscarriages. However, if miscarriages are consecutive and not far from one another, there might be a problem with the woman's body. Miscarriages are unexplainable in 50-70% of cases, and most couples try to conceive again without any sort of fertility treatments. In any case, it's best to give the body and womb some time to recover before getting pregnant after D&C.;

Emotional Recovery

After a miscarriage, a woman may experience feelings of anxiety and sadness while feeling the need to blame herself for having lost her baby. The truth is that in most cases, miscarriage comes naturally, and can't be avoided or stopped. Any family that has lost their unborn baby needs emotional support before being ready for a new pregnancy. There are many support groups that can make a woman feel better and understand that she was not to blame. It's best to take care of all these emotional issues before getting pregnant after D&C.;

Health Check

If a woman feels that she needs to be tested and make sure that everything's alright before getting pregnant after D&C;, it's perfectly normal and should be done. The doctor can perform general tests, which begin with a smear test. Thereafter, testing can continue to make sure nothing would interfere with a new pregnancy. Usually, the next step is to analyze the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes for abnormalities or infections. If nothing comes up, then the miscarriage wasn't caused by anything in the woman's body and she can get pregnant again after she is fully recovered.

When a woman gets pregnant after D&C; and/or miscarriage, she wants to make sure that nothing will stop her from carrying the baby to term. The truth is, there isn't much a woman can do to prevent a miscarriage, except for having a balanced diet, and a healthy and active lifestyle.