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Pregnant After Abortion

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Getting pregnant after abortion should not be a problem for most women, provided that the abortion procedure was done properly and safely. However, the timing of attempting to get pregnant after abortion is important because the woman's body undergoes changes in order to prepare for the pregnancy that was previously terminated. A woman's body undergoes changes in hormone levels when she becomes pregnant, so the abrupt termination followed quickly by another pregnancy can have devastating effects.

Changes in Hormone Levels

Because hormones control the entire menstrual cycle, it will not be possible for the woman to become pregnant after abortion until her hormone levels return to normal. This is because ovulation will not occur at all until the menstrual cycle returns. Ovulation is the time when a woman releases an egg for fertilization from her ovaries, and if this does not occur then there is nothing available for the male's sperm to fertilize. The hormone levels also control the growth of the uterine lining so the egg will not be able to attach to the uterus unless the uterine lining is developed and prepared for the arrival of a fertilized egg.

Wait Until After the First Few Periods Have Occurred

The return of the monthly period is a strong indicator that the menstrual cycle has returned to normal. Although the cycle has returned, the egg and uterus may not be healthy enough for a viable pregnancy. Therefore doctors recommend that the woman wait until a few periods have occurred before attempting to become pregnant after abortion. The fertilized ovum will also have a greater chance of surviving and attaching to the uterine lining if the menstrual cycle is truly occurring normally.

Problems with Getting Pregnant After Abortion

In rare cases some women may experience problems with getting pregnant after having an abortion. This will be the case if the abortion was not done properly. If the woman underwent a partial birth abortion, a procedure that is done in the later stages of pregnancy, there is a risk that her reproductive organs may have been damaged during the procedure. This is why partial birth abortions carry such a high risk and should be avoided if possible.

Having an Abortion Early In the Pregnancy Is Much Safer

Having an abortion early in the pregnancy is much safer because the abortion can be done using only chemical drugs instead of via a surgical procedure. A chemical abortion does not have the heightened risk of injury that a partial birth abortion carries. Furthermore, she will be at a lower risk of contracting an infection due to the abortion. A surgical abortion is just one more way that the reproductive organs can be damaged also preventing the ability for future pregnancies.

Women can increase their chances of becoming pregnant after abortion by carefully monitoring their bodies to see when the menstrual cycle has returned to normal. In addition she can also purchase home testing kits for ovulation to see when she is ovulating once the menstrual cycle has returned. By paying attention to the signals of the body, a woman should have no problems becoming pregnant again.