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Pregnant Before First Period

How to Get Pregnant

Most parents would never think that their child is having sex at such a young age or could possibly get pregnant before their first period. However, it does happen and even if she has not had her first menstrual cycle, she can still get pregnant.

Puberty - A Curious and Confusing Time

Puberty is an awkward time for a teenager and especially so in the case of a female. As the hormones kick start the process of sexual development, she will experience confusing emotions and urges. It is at this time that peer pressure from school, the media or television programs may cause her to become curious about sex. This is a crucial time in the development of a teenager and she must become knowledgeable about the workings of the body.

Sexual Education

The schools start teaching students sex education from ages five to sixteen in some form or another and it is also recommended that the parents start preparing the children at an early age for the real world. Many young girls think that they cannot get pregnant before their first period and don't have an idea of what consequences they would have to bear if they do decide to have sex. Talking about Sex and Discussing the Dangers

It's at times a shock for a parent to see their child slowly turning into a young woman. As a result, it is often easy to forget about the necessity to sit down and explain the meaning of reproduction and the associated consequences of sex. Take the time to have a heart to heart and also touch on the types of changes that she can expect to experience. Never rely solely on the school to educate your daughter as it is also a parent's responsibility.

Pregnant Before First Period - Ovulation

The ovaries will start to release an ovum each month causing menstruation. Getting pregnant is related to ovulation and a girl can ovulate before having her first cycle which makes it possible to become pregnant before her first period. Girls start to have periods about the age of 13; however, everyone is different and could start before or after. For this reason, it might be hard to tell if your child has the ability to get pregnant which is why precaution is advised.

Teenage Pregnancy

Young teenagers are not physically or mentally prepared to bring a child into this world because they are little more than children themselves. Some children might be in a position to experiment with a friend or even a childhood sweetheart which is why it is also necessary to teach them about protection. Many parents refuse to think about this because they feel that they are consenting. This is not the case since the sole important purpose is to make sure that your child doesn't get pregnant.

Should your child become pregnant before her first period, it is imperative to seek medical counsel from a child physician. The earlier the matter is addressed, the better chance of finding a way to manage the problem. In any event, prevention is the key to allowing your teenager to have the child hood she deserves.