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Pregnant Before Marriage

How to Get Pregnant

A planned and wanted pregnancy is always a joy, while an unwanted one is often a stigma to the individual as well as to society. This is especially true when a girl, or woman, gets pregnant before marriage. In the modern world, many teenage girls are becoming victims of this problem. A recent survey in the US brought out the alarming rates of teenage girls getting pregnant. In America, the government sees this as a social illness, and is taking adequate measures to prevent teen girls getting pregnant before marriage. It is a well known fact that a substantial amount of money has been allocated, and welfare bills have been passed by the American government to tackle this social problem. Only a co-operative effort by the parents, as well as teachers and the government is necessary to solve this problem.

Effects of Pregnancy before Marriage

An unwanted pregnancy before marriage destroys the dreams and happiness of a girl. She must have nurtured many dreams about her career, education and future life. A girl or woman getting pregnant before marriage may not have any support from the person who is responsible for pregnancy. She may even fall into deep mental depression. A girl may even try to commit suicide out of depression. These are just some of the bad effects of pregnancy before marriage. Such things affect the whole family as well as the community.

Causes of Pregnancy before Marriage

In the US, sex before marriage is definitely not a taboo. But in many other countries, it is still not accepted by their society. Usually teenagers engage in sex without knowing that pregnancy can have serious repercussions on their lives. Most of them do not even think about contraception options. Many girls do not even confide in, or talk to, their parents about sex. In fact, most teenage girls don't even tell their parents should they become pregnant. Some parents get to know that their daughter is pregnant before marriage only in the later stages, when it becomes obvious.

Be Comfortable Talking to Teenagers

The first and foremost thing parents should do is to create a comfort level with their teenage children. Only then, teenage girls might feel free to talk about these things. A parent should try to become a friend, rather than the scolder. Even after a girl gets pregnant, her parents should be able to provide emotional support. A parent can take the teenager to a psychologist to reduce the emotional trauma of a teen pregnancy, especially if the baby is put up for adoption.

Solutions to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Prevention is better than cure. So, it is always better to give proper sex education to teenagers and make them understand the ill effects of getting pregnant before marriage. This type of forethought can save a teenager's life, and allow them a chance to grow themselves before having a baby. However, if pregnancy should occur, and is it's already progressed, abortion isn't the option. No matter what happens, parents should always support their teenage daughters, while trying not to see the baby as a mistake.