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Pregnant Before Missed Period

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Many women don't know that there are signs which can tell her if she's pregnant before missing a period. All over the US, women are always taught that they are pregnant only if they miss a period. This belief is so strongly set in their psyche that they do not feel the necessity to check if they are pregnant until their period is late. While it is alright to believe that missing a period can indicate pregnancy, it's good to be aware that there are many ways to detect if a woman is pregnant before missed period.

Various Changes in Breasts

The breast area is the most obvious part of the body that changes once a woman is pregnant. This is the easiest way to detect if a woman is pregnant before missed period. In ancient times, women used to tell a pregnancy through breast changes only. While a woman is pregnant, her breasts become swollen and the nipples get darker and enlarged. This happens because the body is preparing this area to feed a new living being. The hormones that develop inside a women's body produce these changes to make her ready to feed the new born baby.

Elevation in Body Temperature

When the ovulation takes place, the body temperature of a woman always rises. The process is not difficult to understand. It works through the natural mechanisms of the human body. The ovulation takes place when the mature egg starts its journey from the ovaries and passes through the fallopian tube, only to finally get fertilized by a male interruption, which is the sperm. The implantation process of this egg takes place from 6 to 10 days after this phenomenon. Thus, with the consistent rise in body temperature you can easily know if you are pregnant before missed period or not.

Prolonged Nausea and Frequent Vomiting

Generally, women start feeling the repercussions of being pregnant with the problems of morning sickness after the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. However, at times, this may also occur at the very first stages of a pregnancy. More than 50 percent of women who get pregnant suffer with morning sickness and thus, this is also a method to detect being pregnant before missed period. More often than not, morning sickness comes hand in hand with vomiting and this is the time when you need to be properly hydrated to avoid dehydration and several other problems.

Constant Cramping In the Abdominal Region

When the egg gets fertilized it starts traveling towards the uterus to burrow itself in the uterus lining. This is the time when cramping starts in a woman's body and can continue long enough to make her realize that she is pregnant before missed period. This phenomenon can last till a few days or nearly a week before your period is due. Hence, you can find out that you are pregnant even before the expected period is due.

Many times, pregnancy is hidden by the body itself. Some women question how this is possible. Well it's been known to happen at the beginning of a pregnancy, and even last as long as the pregnancy. At the early beginning, the traveling fertilized egg can cause slight bleeding and give the impression of a period. Since this can happen to any woman, you should pay attention to all of the above mentioned signs that can help a woman tell if she's pregnant long before missing her period.