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Pregnant Before Period After Miscarriage

How to Get Pregnant

After a miscarriage, some women try to isolate the incident and consider having another baby soon after. Others do not deal with the hurt and pain as well, and are terrified of getting pregnant because they are afraid of having another miscarriage. This decision is each individual couples' to make, but prior to making this decision there are some important issues which couples should know about getting pregnant before period after miscarriage.

Causes of Miscarriage

Miscarriages can occur for different reasons such as being under stress, contracting an illness, physical trauma or many other reasons like fertilization problems and fetus abnormalities; some causes are unknown. Also smoking, drug use, exposure to toxic substances, and radiation has been identified as potential causes of miscarriages. Most miscarriages usually occur within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes miscarriages occur unnoticed because they result in bleeding and women assume that the bleeding is due to early pregnancy bleeding.

Overcoming Your Lose

Having a miscarriage is a difficult time in any woman's life, but keep in mind that there is hope to have another healthy pregnancy. Learning how to improve your chances of carrying your pregnancy through till birth will help. Some women have temptations to get pregnant immediately to help deal with the loss, but this is not recommended.

Allow Time to Heal

Correct timing and planning can help couples overcome the loss of a miscarriage and prepare themselves in getting ready for pregnancy again. It is strongly suggested that women do not get pregnant before a period after miscarriage, and should experience at least one normal period first.

Considerations Before Getting Pregnant Again After a Miscarriage

There are two things which you will need to consider before getting pregnant again to reduce the risk having another miscarriage. The first question to ask is, do you feel your body is ready to have another baby? The second thing to ask, is do you think that you are mentally ready to get pregnant again? Many doctors advise women to wait between 6 weeks to 6 months before trying again. However, this depends a lot on the individual but women should still consult a doctor before trying to attempt to get pregnant again after a miscarriage.

Getting Prepared For Pregnancy after Miscarriage

Some people will tell you that it is easier to get pregnant before a period after miscarriage, but this is a rumor. When a woman is pregnant, the changes to the body caused by the pregnancy can put a woman under additional physical and emotional stress. Therefore the risk of failure from getting pregnant before a period after a miscarriage is going to be even greater.

Try to Feel Positive During the Next Pregnancy

Pregnancy after having a miscarriage may not be as joyful of an experience as the first pregnancy which turned into a miscarriage. It may be difficult allowing yourself to connect to your unborn baby for fear of miscarrying again. Stress can affect an unborn baby so try to stay in a positive state of mind and do not create more stressful situations.