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Pregnant Before Period

How to Get Pregnant

Although sexual education and sexuality these days are more popular than ever, there are many women who do not know everything about the period itself and how they can get pregnant. Many teenagers get pregnant because they don't know that they can get pregnant before period. If you're not sure what are the most fertile days in which you can get pregnant before period or how the fertility process works then you should read this article right away.

The Fertility Process

A child is conceived as a result of interaction between the male sperm and the female egg. Every month, the hormones secreted by a woman create eggs in the ovary. These fertile eggs are ready for the sperm's arrival. When the sperm enters the body, it may or may not take up with the egg. If it does take up, a progeny is created. However, if it doesn't, the egg just keeps waiting for the sperm.

The Most Fertile Period

Over a course of time, the egg slowly loses its fertility and has to be discharged from the body. This happens in the form of blood during the monthly periods. This means that a woman can get pregnant before period, but not while she's menstruating. Once the discharge stops, the body starts becoming more fertile. After this intervening period of fluctuating fertility, the body reaches its peak fertility also known as ovulation and, thus, completes the monthly cycle.

Pregnancy before Period

It is a misconception that a woman can get pregnant only while she's ovulating. This misconception leads to many accidental pregnancies and is popular among teenage girls. In fact, a woman can get pregnant before period, during the intervening periods between ovulation and menstruation. However, it is extremely unlikely for a woman to get pregnant while she's menstruating, since during that time the eggs are removed from the body.

Chances of Getting Pregnant

Although there is a possibility of getting pregnant before period, the chances are not so high because the fertility is on a declining trend at that time. On the other hand, once the period is over and the menstrual cycle restarts its course, the chances of getting pregnant get higher and higher, until they reach their maximum during the ovulation days. In order to make sure that a woman does not get pregnant before her period, as well as after, several contraceptive measures should be taken. Also, women that want to increase their chances can do it in a healthy way.

How to Increase Fertility

Though it is difficult to get pregnant right before periods, women can increase their chances of getting pregnant by adopting a healthy life style. A healthy diet, based on vegetables and high protein foods, is the best way to increase fertility. Drinking lots of milk will also help. You may also come across hormone medicine that can manipulate the body's hormones. However, medication can cause side effects and it doesn't always work. So the best option is to live as healthy as possible, take supplements and ask for the doctor's advice every step of the way.