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Pregnant With No Symptoms

How to Get Pregnant

Often, women are so tuned to expecting symptoms when pregnant that when they don't experience any, it appears as if something is wrong. Being pregnant with no symptoms need not always imply impending complications. It could simply be that the body is at its healthiest state, and so does not react to the new baby inside.

What Symptoms to Expect

Commonly, some of the most obvious symptoms of being pregnant are tender breasts, fatigue and morning sickness, as well as back and joint pain and swelling. If the woman has missed her period, and is delayed by over a week or 10 days, it might signal pregnancy. Other than that, most of the other painful symptoms appear several weeks or months into pregnancy. Thus, women who are pregnant with no symptoms should be thankful that they are not put through the suffering as so many women are!

The Second or Third Child

Women who have had children earlier are more likely to experience a subsequent pregnancy with no symptoms. Such women might typically suffer high intensity fatigue, pain and nausea when they had their first child, but with future pregnancies, such symptoms tend to subside. The age of a woman when pregnant also plays a part in the intensity of symptoms she would experience. The older a woman gets, the less likely she is to experience being pregnant with no symptoms. This is because as the body ages, it becomes more difficult for it to adapt to a new baby naturally.

Concerns of Miscarriage

Most women who are pregnant with no symptoms have fears of a miscarriage. They believe that because they are unable to feel the symptoms, there is an increased likelihood of unintentional strain on the body, thereby leading to a miscarriage. However, it is crucial to understand that miscarriages happen essentially because of the genetic framework of the egg, which has been fertilized. Should there be an inherent problem with the egg the body would terminate the pregnancy naturally because it knows the egg would have minimal chances of survival.

Symptoms Manifested in Future

Just because a woman is pregnant with no symptoms does not imply in any way that the symptoms will not manifest later on. Some women experience nothing other than sore breasts until 6 weeks into their pregnancy while others suffer from no symptoms at all throughout the entire pregnancy. Many women might not have any issues 3-4 weeks into their pregnancy, and then the symptoms might appear with a vengeance! Every pregnancy is different, and so there is no general rule involved.

No Cramps or Contractions

Some women might be well into their 40th week of pregnancy and still not face symptoms like cramps and contractions. Women are not considered overdue until they have crossed the 42nd week and this is very normal nowadays. Therefore, technically, if there are no contractions, it means the body is not prepared for labor yet. Lack of symptoms when pregnant should not be a cause for worry. Worrying would only cause more complications.

A woman being pregnant with no symptoms should consider herself lucky. Pregnancy is meant to be a fulfilling and happy journey, and every woman needs to enjoy the process as much as possible.