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Pregnant with Twins Week by Week

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If a woman is pregnant with twins, the early stages will closely resemble the scenario of singleton pregnancy. However, with the passage of time, there will be some notable differences. This pregnant with twins week by week analysis is aimed at helping pregnant mothers with twins understand the way their babies are developing.

Early Weeks

The initial few weeks will entail a vague inkling that you maybe carrying twins but it is difficult to realize fully that there are two babies growing inside. Getting a confirmation via ultrasound is the most trustworthy and definitive option. Typically, mothers with twins experience heightened symptoms like gaining weight early on, severe fatigue and morning sickness etc. However, these are not indicative of having twins.

Fourth to Eighth Weeks

At this stage, studies from the pregnant with twins week by week analysis show that the embryos grow in size to an inch in length. Each embryo would weigh under an ounce. At this juncture, the individual organs like bladder, brain, liver, kidney, spine, legs, arms, reproductive organs will begin to develop. Once the mother reaches 6 weeks of pregnancy, the twins can be seen via an ultrasound.

Eighth to Twelfth Weeks

This part of the pregnant with twins week by week analysis represents the last part of the embryonic phase. Both embryos will develop rapidly at this stage. In terms of weight and length, the body proportions will have increased four times. At this stage, the twins start to look distinctly human replete with toes, fingers and even eyelids!

Twelfth to Sixteenth Weeks

During this phase, the kidneys of both twins will begin to function normally. At the end of sixteen weeks, an ultrasound detects urine in the bladders and water in the stomachs. There is much more movement in the womb than before and by the end of the duration, each baby measures 6 inches in length!

Sixteenth to Twentieth Weeks

Each of the twins resembles a completely developed, albeit very tiny baby. The brain is the only organ not completely developed at this point - all the other organs are. This is also the time that the two babies will start to be aware of one another. Week twenty is usually when the babies first start kicking! With morning sickness reduced and heightened energy, this phase is often called the 'honeymoon' stage.

Twentieth to Twenty-Fourth Weeks

During this stage, each baby weighs around a pound and will measure about 12 inches. They will be covered with lanugo or downy hair and vernix coating, which protect the babies' delicate skins. Their red and wrinkly skin forms fat cells underneath and this is also the time when footprints have formed!

Twenty-Fourth to Twenty-Eighth Weeks

During this stage, the babies reach double their weights and grow to 15 inches. With more fat accumulation, hair growth and distinct features, each baby is becoming more individualistic.

Twenty-Eighth to Thirty-Second Weeks

The pregnant with twins week by week analysis reveals that mothers experience tremendous fatigue at this phase. It becomes increasingly difficult to find comfortable sleep positions. Lower extremity swelling is very common along with back pains.

Thirty-Second to Fortieth Weeks

The babies grow from five pounds of weight each. Lung development continues aggressively in both babies in preparation for the first breath! Ultimately, both babies grow to their maximum size, placing huge load on the placenta. This is when weekly monitoring becomes essential.

The pregnant with twins week by week analysis helps mothers know the method of development. However, symptoms vary with every mother, as each case is unique.