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Pregnant with Twins

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When a woman finds out she is pregnant with twins, the first reaction will almost always be joyful, but after some time she may become nervous. It is a very big responsibility to bring one baby into the world let alone two. She will wonder what childbirth will be like, if it will be more painful, if she will be able to make enough milk to breast feed her babies, and of course, how much more weight she will gain as a result of being pregnant with twins. There is always fear of the unknown but the bottom line is, and as long as she takes good care of herself she shouldn't have any problems. The following information may be helpful.

Remain Calm

A developing fetus, or in this case, two developing fetuses can detect when their mother is stressed out. Studies have shown that women, who remain serene during pregnancy, give birth to serene babies. Women, who spend the entire time they are pregnant stressing themselves out and worrying, can have babies that are distressed and, even more prone to colic.

Know What to Expect

Education on any subject is vital, and even more so when dealing with the issues of pregnancy. Women who are pregnant with twins should read literature and/or ask their doctor's questions about what they can expect throughout the pregnancy. When it comes to being pregnant with twins, there is no such thing as "too much information". No question is a stupid question.

Proper Nutrition

Eating enough of the right foods is very important when pregnant. A woman who is pregnant with twins will need to take in the proper amount of calories to be certain her babies are being fed adequately. Greasy, fried foods and foods high in refined sugar are not the best choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that are high in protein and calcium are necessary for the growing fetuses. A diet consisting of approximately 3000 calories may be suggested.

Proper Exercise

Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she should not be exercising. While there may be limits to what she can do, a woman should never become sedentary unless a doctor has ordered it. Taking long walks is a great way to exercise and it is low impact so it won't be too strenuous. Childbirth classes on proper breathing and kegel exercise is also very important and will help with preparation of delivery.

Weight Gain

Generally, a woman who is expecting twins will gain a bit more than a woman who is pregnant with just one baby. It's nothing to be alarmed by as there are, after all, two babies developing. A woman should never attempt to cut back or diet when she is pregnant. There will be plenty of time to lose the weight once the babies are born.

These pointers may assuage some of your fears and concerns about being pregnant with twins. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and while there are certain sacrifices a woman must make, in the end, it is more than worth it. In this case, the rewards are double.