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Pregnant Without Breast Tenderness

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About 70% of women experience breast tenderness. Breast tenderness occurs during pre-menstrual period, pre-menopausal stages, and pregnancy. But due to the fact that women's biological makeup is not exactly the same, it is highly possible that women experience breast tenderness at different phases in their life. For example, one woman may experience breast tenderness when her period approaches, but can become pregnant without breast tenderness. This article will further discuss this issue to give readers a better understanding of why, and how, it happens.

Why Breast Tenderness Occurs

The main culprit for breast tenderness is hormonal imbalance. During the 2nd half of a woman's menstrual cycle, there is an increased level of estrogen and progesterone, which causes the breasts to swell. Menopausal women likewise experience hormonal imbalance, particularly estrogen. Pregnancy also triggers increased levels of these hormones in order to prepare the body for the baby, and this is why breast tenderness happens. These conditions can be aggravated by a person's diet, lifestyle, and drug intake. Sometimes it takes little or no excuse to trigger tenderness in the breasts, while drinking too much coffee and taking birth control can also cause breast tenderness to be more apparent in these three stages in a woman's life.

Why Some Women are Pregnant without Breast Tenderness

Often, early in pregnancy, women experience breast tenderness. The breasts swell and increase one or two cup sizes to pave the way for lactation. However, some women do get pregnant without breast tenderness. There is no concrete reason that can be cited for this, except that women have different experiences during pregnancy, and thus have varying symptoms. A woman could experience morning sickness during pregnancy, while others do not. But one thing that may be a likely reason is that young pregnant women have higher chances of experiencing breast tenderness than older women.

Other Possible Reasons for Being Pregnant Without Breast Tenderness

Highly active individuals may be spared of the ordeals of hormonal imbalances, including breast tenderness. Exercise and engaging in sports activities can balance estrogen levels in the body, which could explain why some women are pregnant without breast tenderness. Another thing to look into is the food you eat. Fiber-enriched foods can help metabolize estrogen and progesterone, keeping them at normal levels. Check your current diet and lifestyle, and perhaps this would help you solve the pregnancy puzzle.

Expectant mothers who are not experiencing breast tenderness should understand one thing, it is perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with not experiencing a pregnancy symptom or two and many mothers out there are in the same boat as you. Know that being pregnant and not feeling any pain in the breast will not result in any complications, whatsoever. It happens all the time. It is pointless to worry about these things, and instead, focus your energy on keeping yourself, and your baby, as healthy as possible, by taking the required supplements prescribed by the doctor.