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Pregnant Without Period

How to Get Pregnant

Amenorrhea is a condition wherein a woman does not have menstruation. It is brought about by many factors, including hormone abnormalities, hermaphroditism, polycystic ovarian syndrome, poor nutrition, menopause, and pregnancy. Many women who suffer from chronic amenorrhea due to disorders often wonder if they could be pregnant without period. Since they do not get regular menses, it is difficult for them to determine a possible pregnancy, basing only on the common symptoms.

Why Menstruation Stops During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her hormone levels go up. This is the body's way of preparing the uterus for the normal development of the embryo. The hormones will help thicken the uterine lining, preventing it from being shed, and consequently, protecting the baby inside. As soon as the egg becomes fertilized, progesterone levels increase, preventing the onset of menstruation. If there is period during pregnancy, it would wash off the embryo, making it impossible for a baby to reach full term.

Amenorrhea Effect on Pregnancy

Although the lack of period could indicate pregnancy, the condition itself also affects a woman's likelihood of getting pregnant. Amenorrhea is associated with infertility, which could result to being incapable of producing eggs. Women who do not get their periods monthly can become anovulatory, which means they will be unable to produce an egg in the ovaries. Put simply, no ovulation takes place. And in spite of their efforts, they will have a hard time getting pregnant under such conditions.

Treatment for Amenorrhea

If you want to get pregnant without period, there are treatments available. These treatments are usually in the form of hormonal supplements and replacement therapies. Amenorrhea may be due to low levels of estrogen and progesterone so supplementation is necessary. Additionally, dietary and lifestyle changes need to be made. Amenorrhea could be triggered by poor nutrition, poor eating habits, and poor lifestyle so these need to be given attention to, as well.

How to Get Pregnant Without Period

Women who want to get pregnant without period should seek medical help. Usually, doctors would provide the treatment options mentioned above. Additionally, using ovulation kits will help in order to determine if you are ovulating or not. Remember that a woman is most fertile during ovulation, and the egg lasts only about 5 to 7 days. If you want to get pregnant, you have to know when your ovulation will take place.

How Not to Get Pregnant Without Period

Women who want to avoid pregnancy but do not have regular periods are unable to accurately keep track of when they are ovulating. In these cases, it is necessary to pay close attention to the signs and symptoms of ovulation. One good way to do this is to keep track of the basal body temperature (BBT). Right after ovulation, the BBT rises to 0.4-0.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Another indication would be the presence of cervical mucus during fertile periods. But perhaps the best way to prevent pregnancy is to use birth control pills and other forms of contraceptives.