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Pregnant Without Sore Breasts

How to Get Pregnant

Sore breasts, or sore nipples, refer to the discomfort and mild pain felt in various areas of the breasts, particularly the nipples. This usually happen in two circumstances: post ovulation and pregnancy. In post ovulation, the hormone progesterone triggers water retention in the breast tissues, which causes soreness. Women who are pregnant, on the other hand, have increased levels of the same hormone, along with estrogen. For this reason, sore breasts are considered one of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. But because signs and symptoms vary from one woman to another, there are those who are pregnant without sore breasts. This article will help you understand why this happens and what needs to be done about it.

Breast Changes

The body of a pregnant woman will undergo a lot of changes during the entire 9 months of pregnancy. Among them are the enlargement of breast size, and the darkening of the nipples. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, a woman would feel some tingling in the breasts, along with tenderness. This symptom is quite similar to pre-menstrual symptoms except that it lasts much longer, sometimes even for weeks. Later on in the pregnancy, breasts increase at least a cup size, and veins will begin to become more prominent. Moreover, the areola will also darken in color and will begin to itch.

Reason Why You Could Be Pregnant Without Sore Breasts

Because the biological makeup is not the same for all women, there are differing symptoms for pregnancy. Some women experience morning sickness, others don't. Some have cravings, while others don't. It is for this same reason that not all pregnant women have sore and painful breasts. There is no concrete explanation for this phenomenon except that it is a medically accepted fact that women respond differently to pregnancy. Women who suspect they might be pregnant should check for other symptoms inherent among conceiving mothers.

Misconceptions When Pregnant Without Sore Breasts

Women often think that just because they did not experience any of the common symptoms of pregnancy, they might suffer from a miscarriage. Oftentimes, they will panic when they find out that they are already 12 weeks along and still not feeling any soreness in the breast area. One thing you must know is that being pregnant without sore breasts does not in any way lead to a miscarriage. Although there are women who do have miscarriages, these are due to other factors. Another misconception is that women who are pregnant without sore breasts will experience complications later on in their pregnancy as well as in childbirth. Again, there are no evidences that can prove this to be true.

Expectant mothers should continue to get the required rest and nutrition to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy and strong. While sore breasts could mean a possible pregnancy, it is not a clear indicator of how you are progressing in your pregnancy so don't worry. For more information on pregnancy, have a browse around this website.