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Second Trimester Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

The 4th to 6th months, or 13th to 27th weeks of pregnancy are also known as the second trimester of pregnancy. During this trimester, the external effects of pregnancy start to show up. The bulge on the belly of the expectant mothers becomes noticeable. Second trimester pregnancy is usually termed as the pleasant period in the whole pregnancy. It is during this period, a woman's body gets adapted to changes taking place both inside and outside her body.

Changes inside the Body

During the second trimester pregnancy, the extremities of the body, like hands, feet, face, may show swelling. In this time the body changes its shape for the preparation for the delivery. Some women may feel heaviness, and frequent urge to pass the urine, as the uterus pushes on the bladder. Women usually have cravings for different types of food. In fact, during this trimester a woman can eat according to her wish, since vomiting usually stops.

Quickening in the Second Trimester

In the second trimester pregnancy, most exciting moment is experienced when the expectant mothers feel their baby moving inside. This phenomenon is known as quickening. As the baby is growing inside, it stretches and kicks the inside uterus wall. Usually, quickening takes place early in this trimester. However, some women do not feel it until the fifth month of pregnancy. At this time, the baby moves inside the body, swallows, and can actually hear sounds.

Baby Movement

By the end of this trimester, baby movement can be felt from outside the belly too, by placing hands over the mother's belly. A pleasant feeling is given by seeing the baby's movement through an ultrasound. The only necessity is for the baby to be awake at the time of the ultrasound. Also, an experienced radiologist can tell the gender of the baby at the 5th month ultrasound.

Different Experiences and Feelings

As mentioned, the pregnancy becomes noticeable in the second trimester pregnancy. The expectant mother may feel like she has more energy, as the uneasiness of the first trimester fades away. It is advised to drink more water during this stage as the constipation sets in otherwise. The inner feeling of fatigue, which was quite prevalent in first trimester, would go off now. Though, the mother can feel bloated now.

Nutrition during the Second Trimester

The pangs of hunger are felt quite often and satiating the feeling of hunger is a must. The important part of reaching satiation is by eating the right food in right quantity. Doubling your food intake can create problems with the digestive system. Additionally, frequent light meals are advised against a few heavy meals.

One important aspect that all pregnant women should be careful during the second trimester pregnancy is to ensure less physical work. As mentioned earlier, many women feel like they are more energetic and, thus, they tend to work more. However, doctors advise future moms to take plenty of rest and do less physical work during this trimester.