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Teen Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

The term, "teen pregnancy" refers to underage girls, usually between the ages of 13 to 17 who become pregnant. Some of these teens have become pregnant even before they have begun to have a regular period. Unfortunately for all involved, the teen that becomes pregnant has a difficult time deciding what to do about the impending birth and even in today's modern society may find herself being ostracized.

Sexual Curiosity

Many underage teens begin to experiment with sex because they have read or heard about it from other teens. Peer pressure accounts for the fact that many teens have sex before they are ready, or even want to. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs can lead to teens becoming sexually active while their inhibitions are lowered from the effects. Some teens think that having sex makes them more grown up, or sophisticated in the eyes of their friends. It makes them feel more adult to be able to brag about the sexual activity.

Health Risks for Pregnant Teens

Any girl under the age of 15 who is going through a teen pregnancy may be prone to medical problems. Until this age, the pelvis is not fully developed and giving birth may be difficult at best. Oftentimes a c-section will have to be performed to birth the baby. There are some young girls who have gotten pregnant and given birth and managed quite well, yet others are so emotionally underdeveloped that they are little more than children themselves, and are unable to cope with the pregnancy.

Unprotected Sex and the Dangers

Many teens who are sexually active do not use protection or birth control. Some of them even think that they cannot get pregnant the first time they have sex. The unfortunate fact is that they can, and do. Sexually transmitted disease is another common problem that stems from having unprotected sex, and the threat of AIDS is very real. A teen pregnancy can happen anytime, no matter what the age, if birth control or protection is not used. The consequences of having sex at such a young age can be devastating.

Life after Teen Pregnancy

Any young girl who has a teen pregnancy will find that her life is going to change dramatically after she gives birth. Gone are the carefree days and the fun activities. Her friends will be curious at first, but she will find that they are moving on with their lives without her. She will no longer be able to come and go as she pleases, because her life will be completely different than it used to be. A baby takes up most of the time, both day and night, and there is no time left for the fun things that make up a teenager's life.

The best way to avoid a teen pregnancy is for parents to make sure the teens know and understand the consequences of having sex. Explain to them that it not a decision to be made in the heat of the moment. Let them know that saying 'no' is always the right thing to do if they are being pressured into something they are not ready for.