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Third Trimester Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

By the time a woman enters the third trimester of pregnancy, she literally feels like a mom. The first two pregnancy trimesters are relatively easier, but with the third one, a woman feels like she's going through the hardest time of her pregnancy. At this stage, the baby is developed, but is still growing in size, and, by the end of the third trimester, the baby will reach its full height, weight and size.

Overall Impression on the Third Trimester Pregnancy

Due to the baby's growth, each and every movement that he makes is felt within the womb. Although the movements will increase in terms of intensity, they will also be getting less frequent in this trimester. However, there will be more pressure on the mom's bladder, legs and pelvis, and she could experience severe back pain at times and feel even more tired because of the baby's weight.

Third Trimester Pregnancy: Week twenty-seven and twenty-eight

All through the third trimester, checkups will have to be done more often, once every two weeks, until four weeks before the due date, after which any pregnant woman should see her doctor every week. Since this is the time when the baby is growing to its full size, it needs to be monitored routinely to ensure that the growth process is normal and healthy.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Week thirty-one

By now, the baby is 95% developed and can survive premature birth. However, along this week, since the baby is getting bigger and bigger, a woman may need to urinate frequently and feel extremely tired and cranky at times. This is the time when the mom-to-be feels like the pregnancy is unbearable. This is the time to think about the moment in which the baby will be born. All moms feel, in the end, that it was worth all the pain and effort.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Week thirty-six

In this week, the baby starts to change its position inside the womb to face the birth canal. And, because of this, leg numbness and extreme pain can be felt in the pelvic region. A lot of bed-rest is advised during this time, and it is better to walk less and take as much rest as you can.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Week thirty-eight

In week thirty-eight, a visit to the doctor is highly recommended. It is very important to have one last sonogram to ensure the correct positioning of the baby, and find out if the baby is not only ready to be born, but also ready to come out head first. Visits to the doctor do become more frequent as the due date gets closer.

By week thirty-nine the baby should be at least seven pounds and ready to be born at any time. Be mentally prepared, take absolute rest and be ready for labor. Don't be scared when your water breaks, just keep your calm, and wait until your contractions are just five minutes apart, because that's when you'll be ready to give birth.