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Travel During Pregnancy

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There are a few concerns that come with travel during pregnancy, but there are ways to make your trip safe and comfortable. Provided that there are no complications or concerns with pregnancy, it will be safe to travel. The best time to travel is during your second trimester, but you should be fine if you are past the morning sickness of the first trimester and are still more than a month away from the third stage as these are the times when fatigue is most common.

Travel during Pregnancy by Land

Land travel during pregnancy, by car, bus, or train, is perfectly acceptable if you follow a general set of rules to promote safety. Always use your seatbelt, including both lap and shoulder straps for protection. Only travel in vehicles that have functional airbags as the potential risks are not near as great as the possible benefits in the event of an accident. Furthermore, a bus is known to have a small walkway. It is most beneficial to simply remain seated while the bus is in motion. Also, if in a bus or a train, it is essential that the hand rails in the bathroom be used. Do not allow yourself to be cooped up for too long by making use of rest stops to stretch and keep the circulation in your legs going.

Pregnancy Safety in the Air

Some would say that an airplane is safer for a pregnant woman than traveling by land. In most airlines, pregnant women are not allowed to travel after they are past the eighth month and in some cases even earlier than that. On occasion (depending on the airline and travel insurance) some women will be allowed to travel via the ninth month provided they have permission from their physician. When flying in an airplane, the most comfort may come from an aisle seat that will give opportunity for stretching of the legs and back. When walking through the aisles, make use of the backs of seats to protect you for potential turbulence. Avoid smaller airplanes as well as altitudes of more than 7,000 due to pressure issues.

Safety Tips for Traveling by Ship

Traveling by ship is safe for pregnant women all though it may increase nausea feelings from the motion of the boat. Before boarding a ship, take the time to learn if a health care provider will be available. Furthermore, examine the routes of the ship to locate any medical facilities should they be needed. Have seasickness medication approved to avoid harming the baby. An alternative to medication for pregnant women is acupressure as it can help avoid an upset stomach.

Make your Travel during Pregnancy as Safe as Possible

For best possible comfort for travel during pregnancy, choose loose clothing and shoes that fit well. Always bring a pillow along when traveling to receive the proper amount of rest. Allow enough time in your traveling plans for plenty of breaks for stretching. Avoid hunger by packing healthy snacks. Finally, always wear your seatbelt and bring with you a copy of your medical records in case of an emergency.