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Since not many people come across triplets in their lives, they probably don't know a lot about them. But two things we all know, they have the same mother, and they were born from the same womb with very little time difference. However, there are many more interesting and important things about them that many people should know nowadays, especially because of the in vitro fertilization. Most people are unaware of the fact that triplets are rare because many times the womb is put under so much pressure that the mother is unable to carry the pregnancy to term.

The Power of a Woman

Giving birth to three babies is also known as a multiple birth. This type of births can be monozygotic or dizygotic, or a combination of the two. What this means is that a single egg can split into two while in the presence of a separate egg. The split egg gives rise to identical babies while the separate egg will give rise to a fraternal part of the triplet. The splitting can happen in all kinds of permutations and combinations. It is very rare to come across three identical babies of different sex, as it requires a certain manipulation in the gene.

A Rare Thing to Happen

Identical triplets are created when a single egg is split into two and one of the parts splits further. But, the eggs may not set out like this from the beginning. It is also possible that one child of a quadruplet pregnancy may not survive and, thus, the mom will only give birth to three brothers or sisters. It so happens that the gestation period for a multiple birth is shorter than the normal period of 9 months. Moreover, identical triplets are so rare that they are successfully born only once in 500,000 births.

The Risks

Giving birth to more than one child in one birth is not an easy task. Birth of a child depends on so many factors like the strength of the mother, stability of the gene and proper womb conditions. Irregularity in any one aspect can prove to be fatal to both mother and child. Giving birth to three babies is, therefore, fraught with danger. Sometimes, the space inside the womb is not adequate, thus, leading to the death of one or more fetuses. Also, sometimes, there is a fight for acquiring nutrition inside the womb and, in this case, only the fittest survive.

Premature Birth

Since the gestation period is shorter for multiple births, it may lead to the premature birth which surely isn't favorable for the new babies. A prevalent problem in the case of multiple births is conjoined birth. Conjoined birth consists of a situation in which two or all three babies share a single organ and, if the organ is a vital one, it may even cause death. There are also many cases of cerebral palsy which affects the motor skills.

Nowadays, with women resorting to in vitro fertilization, the possibility of multiple births is very high. Therefore, women have to think it through carefully before going through artificial insemination. If they feel that they could not handle a multiple birth, they can opt for a selective reduction, which leads to a healthy birth, rather than adding to the high mortality rate of triplets.