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Twin Pregnancy

How to Get Pregnant

Not only are you pregnant, but pregnant with twins. Preparing for the birth of one baby is one thing, but two? No one expects this news unless twin pregnancy runs in the family. It can be a shock but once that wears off, the excitement is doubled for most couples.

Reasons for Twin Births

Many times a woman waits to have a child until she is older. Fertility treatments are used in some cases and this often causes multiple births. A woman may also be a twin herself, or have siblings who either are twins, or have given birth to multiples. Families that have a history of twins being born will be more than likely continue to do so. The chances are even more so if there are twins on both sides.

How to Tell if Twins are Imminent

Although all pregnancies are different, there are a few ways to predict the impending twin pregnancy. Weight gain may be more pronounced, and it may happen quickly. The morning sickness may be more severe than what would be experienced with a single child pregnancy. Although most women are fatigued during pregnancy, it is more so when they are carrying more than one baby. A Doppler exam can detect if there is more than one heartbeat, and as the pregnancy progresses, an ultrasound can show more than one fetus.

Being Pregnant with Twins

It's a sure bet that a woman is going to be bigger, more exhausted, and a lot more uncomfortable if she is having a twin pregnancy. It's more important than ever that she has proper nutrition and gets plenty of protein in the diet. In most multiple births, low birth weight is a common problem, and eating a healthy diet can lower this risk. Adding more calories, protein and calcium to the daily intake will help to ensure a healthy mother and baby. Get as much rest as is possible at night, and nap during the day if fatigue is overwhelming.

Possible Complications

There might be a risk of more complications with a twin pregnancy. The doctor will keep a close watch on the blood pressure of the mother, and also monitor for specific multiple birth complications. Intrauterine growth retardation is possible, along with twin-to-twin transfusion. A twin pregnancy can be as easy as carrying a single baby if the mother -to- be takes care of herself and the doctor monitors her condition carefully. Regular checkups are a necessity, as well as taking the prenatal vitamins that are prescribed by the doctor.

Delivering the Twins

Vaginal birth is possible for many mothers who give birth to twins. The positioning of the babies and how well they react to the labor process will determine if vaginal birth is a possibility. Cesarean delivery was once the preferred method of delivery for multiple births, and may still be a possibility if the babies are locked into position and unable to move. Every attempt is made to allow the mother to deliver naturally, but there are some instances where this just may not be feasible.