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What Is Adoption


Adoption is the legal process where biological parents give up all the rights to their child. The adoptive parents are given full legal rights and a parent/ child relationship is created where none existed. The child has the same legal rights and responsibilities of a biological child including inheritance. Most adoptions are for minor children but there are laws in most states that allow for the adoption of adults.

Adoption Placement

Most parents who choose to give a child up do so because they can't provide for the needs of the child. They prefer to do what is best for the child to have a happy and successful life. Just because a parent is giving a child up for adoption does not mean they are not concerned about how it will be raised. Most biological parents truly have the best interest of the child at heart and this is sometimes the best thing for the parents as well.

Often, the faith that the child will be raised in is a strong concern. Many religious denominations offer adoption services as part of their outreach programs. Christian agencies work closely with the biological parent to help them be sure without a doubt that they want to give their child up for adoption. The parents placing the child receive counseling and support throughout the entire process. There is even counseling available after the placement is complete.

Benefits of Christian Adoption Service

Emotional support, counseling, and all necessary forms and information is available through Christian adoption programs. The parents who are giving the child up for adoption are able to take part in choosing the adoptive parents. They can even meet them personally if they wish. When it is time to complete the forms there is a counselor who works very closely with the biological parents to make sure they are not under any pressure from anyone or on any medications that might affect their decision. After the paper work is complete there are support groups and counseling offered for any emotional issues after the adoption is complete. This is very important because giving up a child for adoption can often result in a deep sense of loss. It can even be similar to the death of a child for some people because adoption is permanent and the biological parents will most likely never have anymore contact with the child that they give up for adoption.

In conclusion, if you are expecting a child and cannot give it the life that you want it to have, adoption is always a viable option. There are many people who desperately want children that they cannot bear. Many adoption agencies are faith based and you will have a part in deciding how your child will be raised and who the lucky parents will be. You can rest assured that the adoptive parents are carefully screened before any paper work takes place.