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How to get Pregnant Easily and Quickly

How to Get Pregnant

With the wonders of modern science and technology, it is no longer surprising and impossible for you to get pregnant easily and quickly. But always remember that the road to fertility is not a one-way street. Your partner should also participate in this endeavor. You also have to do your part by keeping yourself healthy.

This article is divided into two--- advice for her and advice for him. Do not forget to visit your doctor to ask for medical help when these techniques have no effect on you.

For Her

As a woman you have to take care of yourself, and you can do this by living a healthy lifestyle. You should limit stress in your life. Stress is one of the causes of infertility because it triggers hormonal imbalances and gives rise to a lot of health problems and co-morbid factors.

Make sure that you have intercourse during your ovulation. There have been many instances wherein women do not get pregnant because they fail to take note of their ovulation. It has been proven that overweight women, especially those with a BMI of greater than 30, have lesser chances of becoming pregnant. This is why you have to take charge of your weight.

Taking lots of folic acid helps you decrease the chances of stillbirth. Folic acid is needed to form the brain and spinal cord of the baby, so a lack of this vitamin will not allow the baby to thrive properly and increases the incidence of birth defects. Keep yourself aroused during intercourse. There are some studies which prove that women who are highly aroused during sex have increased chances of becoming pregnant.

For Him

You should try the missionary position, which increases the chances of a woman getting pregnant. This position also makes you have deep penetration so that you can increase your woman's chances of being pregnant.

You also have to know the emotional needs of your partner and recognize them. If you recognize them and get in touch with your woman's feelings, you will have an intimate relationship.

Do you know that tight-fitting underwear can actually kill sperms? Tight fitting underwear does this by making the area around the scrotum hot, which is not conducive for sperm survival. So if you want to her to get pregnant, get off those tight fitting briefs!

If you are working near some machines or near anything that dissipates heat to the groin or lower abdomen, get out of there temporarily. Do not to immerse yourself in hot tubs frequently. You need to cool the area around the scrotum to ensure that sperms will not die and that you can have a baby soon.