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How to get pregnant immediately?

How to Get Pregnant

For many of the couples trying to start a family the waiting period between when they start trying to the actual time they conceive is particularly an impatient one. Though the chances of conceiving are just limited to 25- 30 percentage in one cycle but most women want to be pregnant in the first month of trying. Though pregnancy is not instant and may take months or sometimes years to sail, with certain considerations it can be achieved immediately.

The basic factor that aids in a fast pregnancy is a healthy body. A weight which is not over or less on the weighing scale is absolute essential for quick pregnancy. Thus women should monitor their diets and keep check on their weight to borne a child. Another factor which helps in fast pregnancy is keeping a good check on the ovulation cycle. With only one egg in females uterus to be fertilized in a span of 28 days and intercourse on the five days leading to ovulation incredibly increases the chance to be pregnant.

An exciting sex session is one of other ways for immediate pregnancy. Experimental and fun filled intercourse results in a great ovulation thus providing the base for pregnancy. With millions of sex act choosing a one that ignites the passion is not exactly difficult. Do not be in hurry to rush to the washroom after that great sex give the sperm the chance to fertilize with the egg. Lie down for at least 5 minutes and see the difference it adds to your efforts. An overdose of coffee obstructs blood flow to uterus leading to fertility problems. Reducing intake of caffeine along with a control on smoking is equally beneficial.

Besides these many prescription drugs can increase the chances of conceiving leading to swift pregnancy. The men may also contribute by not wearing tightly fitted undergarments which helps in actively stepping down the sperm number. Sperms do not prefer hot places so hot baths, sweat rooms and hot tubs should be avoided.

Though it is possible to be pregnant much faster with these techniques but a regular monitor of monthly menstrual cycle and good sperm count in males are very important. It is good to go to a specialist for regular check-ups as they may be able to provide with the best solution depending on the body type.

Pregnancy is bliss for the couple involved and though it may take some time to finally have that priceless embryo in your womb, with effective methods the process can be considerably quickened.