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How to get pregnant with twins?

How to Get Pregnant

Being a mother is the most important stage in a woman’s life. In this busy world where a marathon is to be completed each day to get through the day’s work it is not possible to spend time in changing diapers twice in your life. This results in parents opting for a single child or often opting to look for techniques to help in multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies imply having more than one child at once-twins, triplets or quadruplets or by god’s grace more than that. But most of the parents feel that it is essential to have a sibling for their child who can be the child’s playmate and friend later in life.

The best option to have a sibling for your baby without having to go through the pregnancy phase twice is planning to have twins. There is no certain method to have twin kids but some things could be considered to put an end to the dilemma of how to get pregnant with twins. While most of these theories helping in delivering fraternal twins there are not many theories to help in birth of identical twins.

Wait till late 30s to have twins
According to scientific studies the process of hyper ovulation increases with aging, women above 35 years are more likely to conceive twins then their younger counterparts. The probability of multiple births increases with age but so does the complication.

Get advice from a good fertility specialist
With technological breakthrough in reproductive technology a fertility specialist can help you with drugs that can help in giving birth to twins. Another option would be to go in for invert fertilization which also helps in conceiving identical twins.

Add pounds to have twins
According to a recent study a BMI of 30 or more help in having twins. Obesity may prove a boon for all the ladies wishing to grow up 2 babies at once.

Make yam and dairy products an important part of meals
Eat yam to have twins. This fact which comes from a tribe in Africa is based on the fact that yam has certain chemicals which enhance multiple ovulations and thus multiple pregnancies.
A woman with adequate intake of dairy products increases their chances of having twins by 5 times.

Conceiving while lactating
Breastfeeding according to research can help mothers conceive twins contrary to the theory that lactating mothers do not ovulate.
Besides these other factors like having a family of twins, partnering a twin, conceiving while on pill are some other factors that contribute to multiple ovulations.
But for some parents are lucky enough to be blessed with twins without having to use any of these