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Second Pregnancy

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A second pregnancy can be just as exciting as the first one. Any woman who has gone through this more than once will testify to that fact. The questions, fears, and nervousness will be the same the second time as they were the first, along with the eager anticipation of the new arrival.

What is Different this Time

The second pregnancy may be exactly as the first, with the same symptoms she experienced before. Then again, everything may be different this time. She may have morning sickness, yet it may not be as bad as the first pregnancy. Fatigue may be a little more pronounced this time, but with one child already in the home, this is to be expected. A woman being pregnant the second time may find that she 'shows" a lot sooner, also. Some other things may change, and a few will remain the same as the first pregnancy.

Emotions This Time Around

An expectant mother for a second pregnancy may not be as emotional about it as she was for the first baby. For one thing, she may be way too busy taking care of the first child to worry too much, especially if the child is still very young. Toddlers keep a mother on the go all the time. Having already experienced most of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, she will tend to take things in stride and be more calm about it. This pregnancy won't be the main focus of her life. That is not to say that she won't take every precaution to make this pregnancy safe and healthy, just that she has already been through it, so it will be easier.

Explaining to the First Child Preparing the first child for the arrival of a new brother or sister can be approached in different ways. Be excited when you tell him or her. Tell this child as soon as you find out, and be sure to include him or her in any discussions about the new baby. Let them know that you want them to help you out after the baby comes home, and that new child is also theirs to love and protect. As long as the firstborn child is included and you let them know how much they are loved and needed, all will be well. Ask for their help when picking a name, decorating the nursery, and selecting baby's first clothes and toys.

Complications That May Arise

A woman should be more careful about gaining excess weight during the second pregnancy. Risks of certain complications may be higher this time. Pre-eclampsia can occur if the weight gets too high, causing the blood pressure to rise. This can be a very serious problem and needs to be taken care of right away. This is why keeping regular appointments and checkups with the doctor are extremely important as you progress through the months of the second pregnancy. Any problem that may surface can be looked into, and appropriate treatment can be started.

Relax and enjoy this second pregnancy as having done this once already, the second time will be much easier.