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Pregnancy Week 12

How to Get Pregnant

Take a deep breath; the second trimester is almost here! Only 28 more weeks and counting down. The excitement for both mom and dad continues to increase with each passing week. The baby is doing great and everything is moving along as planned. Mom probably doesn't have a bit of morning sickness by now and the skies look bluer than ever. The second trimester is great according to most women who have experienced pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother's Body

During pregnancy week 12 the pregnant woman's uterus is going to shift in to an upward position. This is a great change because the pressure that was constantly on her bladder will be relieved significantly resulting in less frequent visits to the bathroom. Keep in mind that the second trimester is a pleasant sort of vacation time. When the third trimester comes the pressure will return so a woman should enjoy this while she can. One thing that may occur for a woman during week 12 is a sense of light headedness. This is normally nothing to be concerned with and is usually caused by the increase in the volume of blood, however, if it seems severe, she should talk with her doctor about it.

Development of the Baby

By the time pregnancy week 12 comes along just about all the vital structures and organs of the fetus have been formed. They will persist in growing and developing until the baby is born. Finger nails and hair have begun to grow, and the fingers and toes are no longer webbed. This week is exciting because the genitalia will begin to form and take on female or male characteristics. The baby's kidneys start to produce and he/she begins to urinate. As a result, the amniotic fluid increases in volume. The intestinal muscles will begin to contract so that the baby can digest food.

Diet and Exercise

It is important to remember that the baby will need a sufficient amount of nutrients to continue this rapid period of growth. By now the baby is growing faster than ever so it is very important for mom to eat anytime she is hungry. By eating healthy, sensible foods she will keep her body healthy yet still provide the nutrition her baby requires. Many people are under the misconception that after the first trimester a woman can go back to eating, drinking, and smoking. This is not true; in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Just because the baby's vital organs are formed does not mean they are any less prone to defects caused by poor habits. Exercise remains important and walking is the recommended form.

Tips for Dads

It is a great idea for dad to become active in exercising with mom. She may be more inspired to take nice long walks if she has her husband to join her. It is vital for a pregnant woman to take good care of herself, and if she has support in the form of a loved one such as her husband, she is liable to stay on the right path. Dads should also remember that the coming second trimester will essentially be a cake walk in most cases, and it is wise for them to sit back and enjoy these next few months.

Even if a woman is single and pregnant she can ask for support from a friend or relative so that she does not have to go through her pregnancy alone. Many women choose siblings, mothers, fathers, or friends to be their birth partners.